Tone Trezure Defines Her Talent with “My Destiny”


Today I started an unknown adventure into the quite recesses of the underground artist neighborhood.  I was beckoned by a single tweet, from FlyGirlTONE. Who is an artist name Tone Trezure.  When someone says “One of the most underrated Artists of our time”, you have to check it out.  Now, I know a few things about underrated.  Joy Denalane, Tok Tok Tok, and Avery*Sunshine are underrated.  So without a second thought I headed over to her BandCamp page to check out  her underrated talent.  On the first song “My Destiny”, mind was blown, mouth was open, and eyes widen.  Then my doubts creeped in.  The next song “You Mean” can’t offer the same flow, vibe and overall deepness like the first.  I was wrong.  All I could think of is Florida Evans, saying “Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!”.  This EP “My Destiny” has five songs that provide the heat.  This is her first EP, and now I want a whole album of this goodness.  There is no sign that this is her first release. The production is top notch.  Her voice and talent will capture you, and make you bob your head, as you listen to each whisper and softness in her voice.  Her fourth track “Don’t Hang Up The Phone” is a great example of this effect.

If you haven’t bought the EP yet, and are still reading just take a listen below. If that below can’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. :)

JD Green’s Diurnal: Movements Is Truly Heavenly


JD Green’s upcoming album “Diurnal: Movements” is something that I did not expect.  It’s something that has a presence and essence that can easily be heard through each of of the songs on the album.  Each song has it’s own feel, vibe and soul.  That’s one of the things you don’t know what to expect. Which is what kind of aural treat you will receive next.  It could go from a funky late night jam “Funky Soul” to a smooth, Neo Soully song dripping with spoked words in “Commute”.  She even pays tribute to New Orleans with “Wake Up (Phat Tuesday)”.  With it playing, I can imagine doing a second line through the house.  Yeah you can tell I miss NOLA.  Anyway, JD Green takes you on a vocal journey that will enrich your mind, soul and ear.  Keep in mind this is her debut album, and I can only think of the goodness a second album will bring.  You can preview her album here.

Another thing I didn’t expect is that you can pre-order her album for $5!!!! The album will be released on June 15th, and a CD can be purchased for $10.  The album contains 18 tracks.  That’s basically two albums for other artists.  18 tracks on a debut album is a huge effort, and should be commended.

To help you learn more about JD Green, her music and “Diurnal: Movements”, Grown Folks Music did a great interview with her yesterday.  You should check it out.

Ever Been Surprised By A Live Tropical Fish?

Today has been a day, that my eyes were opened a bit wider by a group name Live Tropical Fish.  Who are they you ask?  They are an Italian trio that have the great talent and vision to grow, blend, expand, transform genres of music into a sound that is truly artistic.  The group is comprised of  Fabrizio “Doc Bix” Poli, Antonio “Lurpak” Fernè and Salvo Pignanelli. They released their new album “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” earlier this month, and it is truly amazing.  It’s a journey through Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk and some exotic stops along the way.  Besides the talented trio, they have guests on the album, that would make any producer proud.  Their line up of other artists are Deborah Jordan, Alison Crockett, Laurnea, Nick Rolfe, Omar, Maya Azucena and April Hill.  Out of those seven artists, there are three that are on my list to cover their own music.

With “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” being their second album, you can really tell the cohesiveness of the group and it’s ability to work with varying styles, genres, and musical philosophies.  I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to their first album “Shape Your Life” which was released in 1997, which would be great to see how they have grown and evolved.

Here is a video of Live Tropical Fish performing with Laurnea.  They are performing “Breathe Again”.

Catch Res’s Interview on Eavesdrop Radio

Res has a new interview on the podcast from Eavesdrop Radio.  It’s actually a very relaxed and informative interview.  It gave me a better understanding of Res’s background and thought process.  You can stream or download it here.

Also, don’t forget that Res has a show in Philly next week.  It’s April 28th @ 9:00PM. It’s being held at Johnny Brenda’s. For $10 you can’t beat that. Show her some love.

Iman Williams Is Everywhere and Growing

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I have recently had the pleasure to listen to the music of Iman Williams.  She is an artist, singer and songwriter from Alabama, California and Atlanta.  I’m still baffled at the very talented artists that I hear, that don’t get the exposure they deserve and/or desire.  Her voice just comes out of no where and captivates you.  I’m very impressed, and am now truly a fan.  Her music is one a real music lover longs for, but rarely gets.  Enough of me flapping my gums, here are some samples of her music.

“Soulmate featuring Ab” is from her last EP “The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux“, that was released in January of 2009.  This is a very amazing song, and it’s only the first song that I have heard of Iman Williams.  It starts with just her soft and yielding voice.  Then her voice invokes a strength, and with that strength you really notice the piano. As it goes on, the singer Ab joins. Their voices together made me sense flashes of Prince, but then reminded me that this is something new and unique.

Soul Mate

“Float Away featuring Porsche” is from her upcoming album “Stupid Human Trick” that is due this May.  This is very nice song, that makes me want the whole album NOW.  It has a very relaxed feel, and has the power and beat to set the mood, in any situation.  Iman Williams was very kind to share a sampler from the upcoming album.  It is available for streaming.

Float Away Feat Porsche Smith

Stupid Human Trick Sampler

Avery*Sunshine Brightens Us With EP and Album


As a music lover, new music comes to me in various ways. This morning, I awoke to the name Avery*Sunshine.  Listened to her voice, and now I’m writing to share with you.  She is an Atlanta based singer whose voice you have heard, but didn’t know it.  She was on the soundtrack of the movie “The Fighting Temptations”, the keyboardist for Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns” stage play, then she was the choral director for “Dreamgirls” theatrical play.  Lastly she performed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and also at events for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Besides her name ringing in  my head, her voice soothed me so.  It has a quality that mixes the purity of Soul, the sexy and sultry aspect of Jazz, and a grounded feel of Gospel.  This feeling comes across the  best with her song “Ugly”.  After listening to that song, it’s anything but ugly.  The next song that caught my ear, was “Blessin Me”.  If you want to go to church, but want to avoid the “Building Fund” offering, listen to this song a few times.

Avery*Sunshine released her first EP on February 15th, and it’s available on iTunes.  It’s only two songs, but they are a very powerful teaser to her self titled debut album that is being released May 10th.  It will only be available in the UK on that date, but you can just go to the UK store for iTunes or Amazon to pick it up.

standalone playerQuantcast

It’s Vital that You Listen


My friend and awesome artist, Natassja, let me know about a new artist Vital.  I could only find limited information on him, but what I did find was amazing.  Vital (Duranta D. Cook) is a songwriter and singer that was born in California.  As many other artists, he had his start at a young age in the church.  He has an free EP coming in early April.  Also the full length video to “Airport” will be released on April 2nd.  The video was directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya.  I love the music, and that the video is something that you don’t expect.  It was very refreshing, and pleasing that someone has some new ideas to expand the genre.  Yeah, it’s that good.  He also has a full length album that is arriving this fall.

Check out the video teaser below.  Also check out the songs from the EP, or download all five here ([download id=”32″])



Going Back

Read It


(for full effect of 5.1 audio, use headphones)

Soulganic set to release “From the Storm to the Sun”


I was reminded about a group today, that I should have enlightened my readers about a month ago.  The group that I speak of is Soulganic.  They are a perfected blended sound of Funk and Soul.  There are also sprinkles of Jazz, some Blues and a few other ingredients.  It’s comprised of Cory McClure (drums, keyboards), Ryan McKeithan (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Anthony Rodriguez (lead vocals, bass guitar), and Lucas Torres (percussion).  They have released a new album  “From the Storm to the Sun”, which is their second.  Their first album was released in 2007, titled “All Directions Forward“.

The new album starts off with “Temporary Thrill”, which also has a accompanying video (below), instantly takes you to thoughts of South America with a stop over in Cuba.  You can really get a sense of the care that each of the members bring to the track.  I can say that Lucas Torres let his presence known on, which worked well with Anthony Rodriguez’s vocals.  The rest of the album  continues the world wide tour, that was started by “Temporary Thrill”.  Once you think that you know where the next stop is, they change the destination, and you thank them.  Once you listen to the soft melodies of “Carry On”, you’re going to wonder where have you been to not have heard of this group or this album.  Trust me, I had the same thoughts.

Check out the video, and the album that’s available on CDBaby.  I know you will love it.


Artist Spotlight: Green Tea


I have had the pleasure of being introduced to the artist Green Tea. Thanks SoulUK.  Green Tea is an artist that brings a true positivity to her music, along with voice that soothes her message into your ears.  Like many other well known singers, she has background singing in her church. One of the qualities that I enjoy about her music, is that it’s not complicated.  It’s not trying to do to many things, and there aren’t any gimmicks.  Just pure soulful music.  There is one thing to a great voice, and message, but the music behind her voice compliments her so very well.  Each track has been perfectly blended with the right instruments.

She has two albums released, and the upcoming “Beautiful Weirdo” Mixtape.  The two album consist of her debut “Have A Cup Of green Tea Dosage 1: Shades Of Green“, released in 2005. Then her second album was “Dosage II: Choices” which was released in 2008.  Her next release is tomorrow (January 22nd) of her “Beautiful Weirdo” Mixtape.  It’s her soothing voice mixed with the instrumentals of Outkast.  Just the thought of that, makes you wonder and count the hours.  Below are some videos for you to experience her music. Enjoy and check back tomorrow on details of her mixtape.



Soulified’s Favorite Group/Collaboration Of 2009: The Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange


This honor of being Soulified’s Favorite Group/Collaboration of 2009, can only go to The Foreign Exchange.  The Foreign Exchange is made up of singer/songwriter Phonte and producer Nicolay.  The sheer number or artists/groups that they work with, is only surpassed by the quality of their productions.  Even though their second album “Leave It All Behind” (download sampler), was released in October of 2008, it set the tone for them in 2009.  Here are some of the projects that came out this year.

They also are working with Zo! (SunStorm arriving early 2010), Yahzarah (The Ballad of Miss Purple St James arriving spring 2010).

To add to the greatness, they were nominated for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance”, for their song “DayKeeper (featuring Muhsinah)” , from the album “Leave It All behind”.  All this from two artists on two different parts of the world, bringing real meaning to the word collaboration.


Soulified’s Favorite New Male Artists of 2009


Receiving Soulified’s 2nd award for 2009, is Nicholas Kopernicus.  They came out with their debut album Audiocentric, and really created a unique sound.  Nicholas Kopernicus is made up of Jason “classicbeatz” Minnis (Producer/Pianist/Songwriter) and Seon Gomez (Guitarist/Songwriter).  With so many new acts arriving on the scene, it’s refreshing to have music that sets it’s own mark.  Since the their debut release, the have a video to their song “Legacy” (video below), and they have “Audiocentric Unplugged EP” being released in January of 2010.  It’s being released in conjunction with Laid Back Radio.

Soulified’s Favorite New Female Artist of 2009


Soulified’s first award for the end of year wrap-up goes to Ayah.  I know you didn’t hear her all over the radio, or her videos on VH1 or MTV, but she has great talent and can hold her own with more well know female artists.  She first released her “Problem Woman Mixtape”(download link) at the start of the year.  It gave you a taste of what was to come on April 15th, with her debut album “Ayah 4:15“. It was a nine track romp of soulness that really gives you an idea of her range and what emotion that she puts into her music.  Also she really connects with her fans through Twitter and Facebook.

In other news, she released a new video for that album “In My Lifetime”.


Jaspects, The Polkadotted Stripe, Album Release Party & Contest

Jaspects The Polkadotted Stripe


Something different today. We have the Jaspects. A band from Atlanta that creates a great blend of Funk, Hip-Hop and Techno.  They have recently released their third album “The Polkadotted Stripe” in April, and are promoting it with an album release party.  Their two previous albums “Broadcasting the Definition“(2006) and “Double Consciousness“(2007) has garnered them quite a loyal following.  “The Polkadotted Stripe” will only continue that trend for the band.  One aspect of the band that they are well-known for, is their skill which they blend genres.


To help promote the third album, they are returning to New York City, NY to have a album release party.  The party will be help at SOB’s(Sounds Of Brazil) (directions) on Saturday, December 19th @ 11:45pm.  The event will be hosted by Eric Roberson, and include performances by Lydia Caesar and Jon Bibbs.  Tickets are $10 per person, and you must be 21 or older.  You can purchase tickets here.

Now the best part.  We are giving away two tickets(Winner and guest) to this event.  Only two requirements to enter the random drawing. Just be over 21 and leave a comment on this post.  Boom!! That easy. For all the technical stuff here are the contest rules.


Artist Spotlight: Lydia Rene

Lydia Rene


Lydia Rene is a upcoming artist, writer and producer in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  She has a love of music, that she inherited from her parents, who have surrounded her in the warmth of music.  Her earthy and powerful voice, also has a softness that comes across very well.  It has a quality that seems it’s yielding to an innocence that emanates from her lyrics.  She has the range, and the skill to sing and write in a variety of genres.  So, she won’t be labeled as only one type of performer.  To help round out her voice, she has been classically trained to play the piano.  Lydia Rene also plays the bass drums and xylophone.  She has picked a great band to compliment her vocal and writing talents.  Her band is made up of Donald Scott on piano. Bass guitar is  John Dingle (JD).  Then on guitar is Oscar Strange.  Followed by Joseph Dingle on drums and on keyboards is Greg Bowens.

She released her debut album “My Love Is My Life” last October, that’s available on iTunes for $9.90.  I just started listening to the album, and right off the first song, I love it.  She has sultry deepness to her voice that draws you in, and envelops you.  There are ten songs to give you a great idea of her talent.  When I finish the album, I’ll post my review.

I think that Lydia Rene is a perfect example of the indie Soul artist that we are seeing more of today.  She is putting her talents, promotion, and career in the hands of someone who knows best….herself.  This is a very good time to be a fan of music.  The fan gets access to such great talent, without the filtering that larger record companies do.

Here are two live performances from her Blue Light Session last year.  It was put on by her recording company Blue Light Digital Sound.  They are “That Song” and “Such A Fool“.  Oh, if you are in the Philly area, and want to check her out, she is performing tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Blinkin Lincoln “Tuned In 6ABC” Recording, on October 28th.



Artist Spotlight: Chinah Blac

Chinah Blac


Spiritual.  That is the one word that describes Chinah Blac.  You should know her, since you have heard her before, but may have not been aware.  She has been singing background vocals for Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and also Dave Matthews.  It’s great to find an artist like Chinah Blac.  She just released the video “Get Away”, which is a single form her recent debut album “Introducing Eugenia Shata“.  That album debuted this past summer, to very good critical review. My review is coming this weekend.

Introducing Eugenia Shata


Chinah Blac also releasing an upcoming mixtape titled “Eargasmic”, in the upcoming weeks.  It was set to be released last month, but I guess it has been delayed a little. I really can’t wait to hear the mixtape.  I don’t know if it’s new material or samples from her current album.  The mixtape features the following artists on the mixtape, R.Devaughn, Musiq, Wes Felton, DJ Conscience and Black Ice.  It should be a very good mixtape, that should help fill the Fall slow period.