A Farmers Market, the Perfect Cooking Inspiration

Ever sometimes lose that cooking spirit, and don’t know how to get it back?  I have found the cure for that aliment.  Find yourself a local farmers market, tour for one hour.  In Memphis, TN there is a great one on Winchester.  It is very large, and has been here for years.  Wall to wall it contains Indian, Asian and Hispanic food items, that normally can only be found certain countries.  It is filled with exotic fruit, unique vegetables, live fish, and huge variety of foreign foods.  Once you arrive, inside the store you are given a feast of greenery.  They have regular and Pineapple sugar cane for $2.49.  Next to the sugarcane, is potted herbs for $2.00.  To think how fresh and vibrant those herbs will taste, just sends my mind racing at the cooking possibilities.  

Walking around the fruit and veggie sections, you can see all unique items that have been used on many a cooking show.  The next marvel in this market is the seafood section.  They have live fish tanks, and the ability to filet them at your request.  Beyond that section are the sauces, rice products, frozen food items that you just can’t find in the States.  I’ve found a certain Bulldog sauce from Japan, that is not in any other store.  Picture this, a whole grocery store isle of noodles.  Both sides, four shelves each side covered in just noodles.  Let that soak in a bit.  The last thing about the store, is that their prices are cheaper than main stream stores.  I know they don’t have this caliber store in each area, but look around.  You may find something similar or even better.  Just walking through, you will get ideas and remember old recipes that can can have new life breathed into them.  Enjoy.

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  1. Food Lover
    Food Lover says:

    you are so lucky to have such a bountiful farmers market nearby. I am jealous! Thanks for checking out my blog–always exciting to meet a fellow food lover:)

  2. Ms. Aja B.
    Ms. Aja B. says:

    Farmer’s Markets are truly a great find. All summer long, the park near my house has a mini farmer’s market with people from the neighborhood who have grown fresh produce. So much fun!

    Love the new layout!

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