Amy Serrata Gives Herself Freely


You may remember the Artist Spotlight on Amy Serrata last year.  Well.. if you do, you don’t have any reason not to pick up her debut album not, since she is offering it for free to her fans.  If you have never heard of her, then do yourself a solid, and pick it up, and listen.  You can pick up the album via Band Camp.  Here is a snippet of my review.

My favorite songs of the album that really show me what’s possible are “Lets”, “Teach Me”, and “In My Garden”.   The first “Lets” is upbeat, quirky enough, and I love the flute.  It keeps it simple to give her voice a chance to shine.  Second is “Teach Me”, which is the Soul that most can recognize very easily.  A touch of funk, and solid vocals really help this one go over the top.  “In My Garden” is just Pure Amy Serrata.  Nothing to mask her voice, no over powering instruments, just Amy.”

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