Artist Spotlight: Aimee Bryant

Aimee Bryant

Aimee Bryant

I was doing my morning surfing, and came across a heavenly voice that was very surprising.  The voice was from Aimee Bryant and the reason it was surprising is that I had not heard of her till today.  Her album Becoming was released on Jan 15th, 2008. That’s a whole year and change, and I just heard about it. Now I’m a great fan of Soul, Neo/Nu Soul music, and I check daily for new music to add to my collection.  There are a lot of potential fans out there, that just aren’t getting the word on the great music.  Also, the huge number of very talented artists is very inspiring. Right now there is a kind of slow period of major Soul/Neo/Nu Soul releases, but this is a great time to go back and find those unknown gems.

Anyway, back to the voice of Aimee Bryant.  It’s a very powerful, but full of range.  It’s a voice that grasps you upon first listening to it.  With not over complex arrangements, her voice has the room it needs to take you upon a journey.  It speaks to you in a way, that a only Gospel choir singing on the streets of NYC. It’s not something that  you expect, but it captures you to fully understand what they are trying to convey.  Sample some of her tracks below, and I think that you will feel the same that I did.

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