Artist Spotlight: Lydia Rene

Lydia Rene


Lydia Rene is a upcoming artist, writer and producer in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  She has a love of music, that she inherited from her parents, who have surrounded her in the warmth of music.  Her earthy and powerful voice, also has a softness that comes across very well.  It has a quality that seems it’s yielding to an innocence that emanates from her lyrics.  She has the range, and the skill to sing and write in a variety of genres.  So, she won’t be labeled as only one type of performer.  To help round out her voice, she has been classically trained to play the piano.  Lydia Rene also plays the bass drums and xylophone.  She has picked a great band to compliment her vocal and writing talents.  Her band is made up of Donald Scott on piano. Bass guitar is  John Dingle (JD).  Then on guitar is Oscar Strange.  Followed by Joseph Dingle on drums and on keyboards is Greg Bowens.

She released her debut album “My Love Is My Life” last October, that’s available on iTunes for $9.90.  I just started listening to the album, and right off the first song, I love it.  She has sultry deepness to her voice that draws you in, and envelops you.  There are ten songs to give you a great idea of her talent.  When I finish the album, I’ll post my review.

I think that Lydia Rene is a perfect example of the indie Soul artist that we are seeing more of today.  She is putting her talents, promotion, and career in the hands of someone who knows best….herself.  This is a very good time to be a fan of music.  The fan gets access to such great talent, without the filtering that larger record companies do.

Here are two live performances from her Blue Light Session last year.  It was put on by her recording company Blue Light Digital Sound.  They are “That Song” and “Such A Fool“.  Oh, if you are in the Philly area, and want to check her out, she is performing tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Blinkin Lincoln “Tuned In 6ABC” Recording, on October 28th.



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