Artist Spotlight: Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke is a Dutch Soul artist from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She started making her moves into the industry when she joined a Raggae band. In 2005 she decided to move on with her solo career. She has a very unique mixture of Jazz, Soul, R&B and a dash of Folk. She recently recorded her debut album “Yellow Brick Road” in California with Dutch producers, Chris Kooreman and Edo Plasschaert. The album was released in the Netherlands October 1st. Her first single “Do for Love” was an instant hit in the Netherlands. Listening to the album, I see vivid and also subdued flashes of various styles. This defeintly doesn’t have the sound of a debut album. It has a very cohesive feel, that is also polished, but not overtly.


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  1. edo8
    edo8 says:

    Hey, I’m the Edo Plasschaert you mention in the review and i want to thank you for your very kind words.. It’s greatly appreciated! Love the blog!

  2. Musicman
    Musicman says:

    Just droppin’ by to say hi! and let the rest know…don’t sleep on this one people! This is an outstanding cd and I visit some really nice concerts of her in the Netherlands. BTW, yes I’m dutch so I got a chance to visit some concerts of her.

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