Artist Spotlight: Carlitta Durand


Carlitta Durand.  Know her?  You should.  I didn’t until recently, and then I kinda went over board and tried to collect all of her music.  She has been blessed with a sensual voice, and a talent that just draws you in, and makes you stay awhile.  She has released an album titled “Carlitta’s Way The Prelude“.  It was released April of 2009, but it’s still a great showcase of her voice.  Of course, I personally like her softness and clarity.  In the past year or two , she has been featured on mean songs, released The Doug And Patty EP’s (Season One & Two), and featured on four songs of  Nicolay’s “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya“.  She has done an exceptional job of getting her voice out there. The thing that blows me away, is that she is currently on 19.  Yup.  I know grown-ass artists who aren’t that prolific or talented.  Some of the items that I mention are available for download, some are available to stream.  Enjoy.

Doug And Patti Season One EP (343 downloads )

Doug And Patti Season Two EP (463 downloads )

[audio: 01%20-%20Nicolay%20-%20Lose%20Your%20Way.mp3]

[audio: RobotHeart-AppleJac-remix.mp3]

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