Astral22 Releases Imperial Progressive Soul Collection Vol. 1



Astral22 dropped a line to let me know about his latest project, Imperial Progressive Soul Collection Volume One.  You may ask, who is Astral22?  Well.. he is a jack of all trades, in the music industry. Besides being a producer, writer, and  starting the record label Trans Phatt Records, he has a great ear for talent.  In Trans Phatt Records first release, he meshes Soul, Nu/Neo Soul, R&B, with touches of Jazz and Funk.  This nice combination creates a album that has a flow to it, that just works.

I have to admit, I’ve not heard of anyone on this album, but I can tell you that I will now search down more music from each artist.  The artists on the album are (in order of appearance) MZ. Pat, Heidi Martin, Rena Scott, Lenora Jaye, katie Cole, Simone, Shuane, Shanell Renee, Katie Cole, Rogiers, La Sonya Gunter, Fernando Cardo, and Stephanie Renee.  You can preview the tracks from the album here.

If this is just the first release of Trans Phatt Records, then I can’t wait till the 2nd release.  Hopefully a Volume Two? At least there’s hoping. :)  To buy this album jump over to CDBaby, Soul Brother Records, Dusty Grooves, or even The Soul Shop.  Enjoy.

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