Avery*Sunshine Brightens Us With EP and Album


As a music lover, new music comes to me in various ways. This morning, I awoke to the name Avery*Sunshine.  Listened to her voice, and now I’m writing to share with you.  She is an Atlanta based singer whose voice you have heard, but didn’t know it.  She was on the soundtrack of the movie “The Fighting Temptations”, the keyboardist for Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns” stage play, then she was the choral director for “Dreamgirls” theatrical play.  Lastly she performed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and also at events for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Besides her name ringing in  my head, her voice soothed me so.  It has a quality that mixes the purity of Soul, the sexy and sultry aspect of Jazz, and a grounded feel of Gospel.  This feeling comes across the  best with her song “Ugly”.  After listening to that song, it’s anything but ugly.  The next song that caught my ear, was “Blessin Me”.  If you want to go to church, but want to avoid the “Building Fund” offering, listen to this song a few times.

Avery*Sunshine released her first EP on February 15th, and it’s available on iTunes.  It’s only two songs, but they are a very powerful teaser to her self titled debut album that is being released May 10th.  It will only be available in the UK on that date, but you can just go to the UK store for iTunes or Amazon to pick it up.

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  1. Mercer Lisa
    Mercer Lisa says:

    I would like to wish Avery*Sunshine a Happy Birthday today on May 22, 20011.  Welcome to the Gemini family and continue to warm our hearts with sunshine!   

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