Cilla K’s Voice is “Easy To Love” Video Release


Ok, I’m going to have to get some therapy.  Here is Cilla K, a great voice and vibe that I missed, that should have been in my rotation since April, when her debut album “Fine Line” was released.  She recently also released a video “Easy To Love”.  The vibe that  you get from “Easy to Love” is just a sampling of the variety and range that you will experience on the album.  One quality that I enjoy the most, is her ability for her voice to meld with whatever genre she is crafting.  Take a listen.  I hope to have a album review shortly.


Green Tea & Uncle Shecky Present The Dosage 2.5: The Crazy Eights Remix EP

Green Tea has released a new collaboration effort with Applejac. The new project is “Green Tea & Uncle Shecky Present The Dosage 2.5: The Crazy Eights Remix EP“.  If you’re a reader of Soulified and don’t know who Green Tea is, then you need a quick refresher course.  Our first spotlight was on her previous two albums “Have A Cup Of green Tea Dosage 1: Shades Of Green“, released in 2005, and “Dosage II: Choices” which was released in 2008.  We then covered her awesome “Beautiful Weirdo” Mixtape.  Each release was better than the last and really showcased her talent.

This latest project is with the talented Applejac aka Uncle Shecky. They took Green Tea’s 2nd album “Dosage: II” and used that as the base, and built from there.  They brought new life into those songs, not that they needed it, but made them fresh and giving you a reason them to put them back in rotation.  Check out the EP, and support a pair of talented independent artists.

Mad Late: Eric Roberson “Still” Video

Eric Roberson released his album Music Fan First in August of 2009, but still releasing singles and videos to support it.  You can catch my favorite of his videos so far. It’s the duo he did with Layla Hathaway. Back to this video “Still”.  I am loving the slowed down tempo, coupled with the action of the video.  Check it out for yourself. Enjoy.


Kem asks with “Why Would You Stay” Video

Kem has released his first video for the first single form his new album, Intimacy Album III.  His third album is an impressive collection of art.  I even had the opportunity to speak to Kem for an interview, and was blown away by his calm, smooth nature.  Those traits come across very well in this song and video “Why Would You Stay”.


Giovanca’s “Everything” From “While I’m Awake” Album


One of my favorite European artists has released a new album, and video for her second single “Everything”.  The album “While I’m Awake“, her second album after  “Subway Silence“, was released a few months ago.  The reason why I enjoy her music so much, is that she has a very upbeat, positive yet soulful sound.  Sometimes in the the US we have too much deep emotion, and can weigh down the song or even the album.  It’s refreshing to have something a bit lighter, but not where it is reaching the R&B or Pop genres. Anyway, take listen to the video, check out the album and get hooked like me. Enjoy.


John Legend & The Roots release video “Little Ghetto Boy”


Unless you have been living under a rock, that is under another rock, you know about John Legend and The Roots collaboration album coming September 21st, 2010.  You can pre-order the album here. Singles and now video has slowly begun to seep out, to give us all a taste of this powerful talent packed album.  They have just released the video “Little Ghetto Boy”.  A mellow laid back track, that makes you feel that you are in Harlem in 1975 with your afro pick. :)  Enjoy.


Interview With Teresa Jenee


Recently I had time to correspond with the wonderfully unique, passionate and enlightening Teresa Jenee.  I have always heard her name, but it wasn’t until 2008 did I really pay attention and submerge into her world of genre breaking talent.  She is the epitome of the independent artist.  Her recent release of “Paint The Roses” and the “The Eklectic” album, she continues with that trend.  Enough of the chit-chat, here is the eye opening interview.


As someone who became a fan in 2008 when I heard the TeresaJenee.EP and was amazed that I hadn’t heard this voice before.  At what place in your discography would you want a new listener to start, so they can get a fuller understanding of your music?


First of all, thank you! As far as my discog goes, I would want my listeners to check out the “Remember EP”. Many here in the states don’t know that I got my break overseas as a dance music artist with Osunlade. He made ME happen with his soul house remixes of “Remember”. Shout out to James Glasco who was the writer behind that incredible song. That EP was my beginning, my first successful recording out and I feel like it gives you another side of me.


With the TeresaJenee.EP containing some songs that made it to The Ecklectic, do you feel that they are similar in expression of your creative voice?


Yes. Both projects are one in the same. The EP was my introduction.  It was my way of sharing the music with the outside in hopes that my sound would be embraced. So when the time came to make an album, I decided to extend the EP. I wanted listeners to have a connection from the EP days and enjoy some new stuff from “The Ecklectic” as well.


Being a sucker for soft yet powerful voice, when I heard “In Your Eyes” I was taken by it instantly.  Did that song have a special meaning to you, since it seemed to stand out on the EP?


Well I didn’t write it about anyone at the time…and I was far, very far from being in love! Ha! All I can say is when I first played out the melody on keys and the words started coming, I thought it was just another pretty cool love song that I was writing. But after I recorded it, it quickly became my baby. I mean, all of my songs are like my babies, but when I listened to that song in playback, I felt like…wow.


With an EP and album under your belt, what is next on your horizon for you and your artistry?  Also is “Paint The Roses” an indicator of what we can expect in a future project?


There is another release coming soon. I have the worst luck with release dates so I try not to put a date on anything anymore! But please be on look out in the months ahead.

As far as the sound of the album goes, “Paint the Roses” was just the beginning. It might be the most grounded song you will hear from me in the future.


After following your music for while, I noticed you possess a pure desire/hunger to make music, share and perform it.  What is your ultimate goal with your music, that you would consider it a success?


I want a Grammy, even if its a nom and to get back into acting. Outside of that, I’m at peace being an indie artist….traveling on the road, meeting new ppl. Hell, I live for this!


After hearing your recent release of “Paint The Roses”, which was produced by Tech Supreme, whom would you like to collaborate with in the future?


Wow, that’s a long list! I can’t think of everybody but, I would like to work with Roots, Passion Pit, Steve Aoki, Bilal, Brittany Bosco, Robert Glasper, Jazzanova, Mark Ronson, Andre 3000, I would really LOVE to work with Pharrell and N.E.R.D….their sound is KILLER.


What is the main driving force for you to have such wonderful diversity in your music?  Is it a desire to test the boundaries of music, and what we expect from it?


Definitely. I’m a rebel child…always been. I’ve always disagreed with this whole “you have to stick to a sound so people can get you” notion. No, I don’t. I also get bored very easily even with myself so I’m constantly looking at my music thinking “How can I keep things interesting?”


With the latest advances in Social Media and technology, do you think that independent artists actually are actually more in touch with their fans, and are able to get a purer high from their music than artists signed with major labels?


Hell yeah! Its the only way to be these days! This whole social media phenomenon is powerful. No longer is the control of this industry in the hands of a few suits in the corporate office upstairs. Now, every artist has just as much of a chance to connect to the masses as the major have through the years.

Not just that but to hear straight from the mouths of your fanbase is the most beautiful part of this game to me. No more guessing what the fans will love. Now you can talk directly to them…touch them…and they touch you back.


One last question. What was the most important lesson that you gathered from making your debut album “The Ecklectic”?


It takes a village! I had the darndest time pushing the album because I thought I could do it all by myself. That was a huge mistake on my end. Now I have help and the next album release will be an easier process because of it.

Thank you for taking time to give our readers and us a deeper insight into you, your talent and your music.

Your welcome :)

Bilal Buildup Grows before “Airtight’s Revenge”

You can feel the excitement of Bilal’s pending release of “Airtight’s Revenge”. It will be unleashed upon waiting fans on September 14th.  To help pass the time you might want to check out our interview with the music icon. It was a very good interview that gave us a glimpse into his world and thought processes.  Next in the build of anticipation is our friends over at Quality Time Online, have put together a great mini compilation of some Bilal gems. Below is a snippet of their article.

A Tribute To Bilal’
Quality Time Online would like to put the spotlight on the soul artist, Bilal, by offering a compilation of his work – just prior to his latest album release. This free downloadable compilation consists of the new single release “Free” and a few live-recordings and remixes.


01. Free (1st single of ‘Airtight’s Revenge)
02. Levels (Live @ CMJ, NY)
03. Cheeba ft. Shafiq Husayn (Remix)
04. Lord Don’t Let it (of ‘Love For Sale’)
05. All For Love (of ‘Love For Sale’)
06. Soul Sista (Madlib Remix)
07. Outro by Bilal

Download Bilal - Quality Time Presents: A Tribute to BIlal EP (1042 downloads )

Also Bilal was the featured artist with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble’s rendition of Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free”.  Bilal adds a whole new aspect to this classic. As a bonus, you can download the single and watch the video.  Enjoy.

Download Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Someday We'll All Be Free" Feat Bilal (391 downloads )


Terese Jenee Brightens the Day with “Paint The Roses” Single

Teresa Jenee has brought the brightness again.  She released “Paint The Roses” single and the word is out that it’s hot.  This new song was created with skills of Tech Supreme. I love how she lulls in with her sweet voice, and then Tech Supreme drops a velvet hammer upon your ears to keep you there. If you are new to Teresa Jenee, then please check out her EP released last year, that was just wonderful.  It’s available at BandCamp.  That can get you up to speed, and get some Jenee in your life.

[audio: Teresa_Jenee-Paint_The_Roses_(prod._by_Tech_Supreme)_final.mp3]

Terese Jenee (428 downloads )

Rachel Brown’s Love, Life & Relationship


On this Sunday morning, I want to take some time to reflect on Rachel Brown.  The Soul songstress, who in 2007 released her debut album “Love, Life and Relationships” with Urban Music Group.  With that release she was in the spot light with her version of The Emotions “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”.   This album to me gives a great balance of the R&B productions, and a deep, rich soulfulness. Sometimes we get caught up in the new and freshly packaged music, and question the music and artists that don’t fit that mold.  In those, is where you find the gems and the talent that can last for years.  Rachel Brown is such an artist.

With “Love, Life and Relationships” you get fifteen songs that progress you through her thoughts, and transfer you to the sacred place that she visits every time that she sings.  This is an honor, and a chance that should not be missed.  Of, course the stand out song from the album is “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”, which can be seen below.  My favorites of the album start with “Weekend”, “Do What You Do”, and “Learn To Love Me”.

[audio: /05%20-%20Rachel%20Brown%20-%20Weekend.mp3]

[audio: 09%20-%20Rachel%20Brown%20-%20Do%20What%20You%20Do.mp3]

[audio: 03%20-%20Rachel%20Brown%20-%20Learn%20to%20Love%20Me.mp3]

After you’ve had time to absorb and make this album part of you, you will be pleased to know that later this year, she will begin on her second album.  That news really got my attention.  What I enjoy the most is seeing the transition from the debut to the 2nd album.  You learn a lot about the artist, and what direction they are going with their art. This transition should be quite exceptional.


Yahzarah Releases Video for Single “Why Dontcha Call Me No More”

Yahzarah has released her first video for her new album “Ballad of Purple Saint James”.  The name of the single is “Why Dontcha Call Me No More”. The intro for the video has a very 80’s feel to it, and it also stars the members of Foreign Exchange. Once that 80’s flashback ends, the real video emerges.


Here is a bonus.  This is one of her other tracks from the same ablum, titled “All My Days”, featuring Darien Brockington.  They really make agreat duet in this song.  Enjoy.

All My Days

Random Soul Video: Choklate “Grown Folks”

Choklate is one of my favorite singers in the past years.  She has a voice that is subtile and powerful at the same time.  With her 2nd album “To Whom it May Concern” released last May.  It was a great follow up to her debut album, “Choklate“.  On her recent album, she released a video to her single “Grown Folks”.  It’s a great example for her talent, and softness.  Also it has a surprise guest.  Check it out.


Lovezone Celebrates with Episode 31: The Prolific Prince

To celebrate His Holiness 52nd birthday, Geena Lee over at the LoveZone released “Episode 31: The Prolific Prince“.  Let it be known that I’m a HUGE Prince fan.  I have every album he has released via retail, just about every single he released and tons of rare stuff.  So, I can really appreciate the breadth of the songs that are contained in this podcast.  Be sure to check it out.

The Prolific Prince Part 1

Let’s Go Crazy
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
When You Were Mine
Alphabet Street
I Would Die 4 U
Dirty Mind
I Wanna Be Your Lover
I Feel For You
U Got The Look
Little Red Corvette
Raspberry Beret
Erotic City
Soft & Wet
Pop Life
When Doves Cry
Thieves In The Temple
Sexy MF

The Prolific Prince (Pt. 2)
Purple Rain
Do Me Baby
Diamonds & Pearls
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
And God Created Woman
Crazy You
Future Baby Mama
The One
One Kiss At A Time
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife
I Hate You
Damn U
Slow Love
Call My Name
She Loves Me 4 Me

Tone Trezure Defines Her Talent with “My Destiny”


Today I started an unknown adventure into the quite recesses of the underground artist neighborhood.  I was beckoned by a single tweet, from FlyGirlTONE. Who is an artist name Tone Trezure.  When someone says “One of the most underrated Artists of our time”, you have to check it out.  Now, I know a few things about underrated.  Joy Denalane, Tok Tok Tok, and Avery*Sunshine are underrated.  So without a second thought I headed over to her BandCamp page to check out  her underrated talent.  On the first song “My Destiny”, mind was blown, mouth was open, and eyes widen.  Then my doubts creeped in.  The next song “You Mean” can’t offer the same flow, vibe and overall deepness like the first.  I was wrong.  All I could think of is Florida Evans, saying “Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!”.  This EP “My Destiny” has five songs that provide the heat.  This is her first EP, and now I want a whole album of this goodness.  There is no sign that this is her first release. The production is top notch.  Her voice and talent will capture you, and make you bob your head, as you listen to each whisper and softness in her voice.  Her fourth track “Don’t Hang Up The Phone” is a great example of this effect.

If you haven’t bought the EP yet, and are still reading just take a listen below. If that below can’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. :)

JD Green’s Diurnal: Movements Is Truly Heavenly


JD Green’s upcoming album “Diurnal: Movements” is something that I did not expect.  It’s something that has a presence and essence that can easily be heard through each of of the songs on the album.  Each song has it’s own feel, vibe and soul.  That’s one of the things you don’t know what to expect. Which is what kind of aural treat you will receive next.  It could go from a funky late night jam “Funky Soul” to a smooth, Neo Soully song dripping with spoked words in “Commute”.  She even pays tribute to New Orleans with “Wake Up (Phat Tuesday)”.  With it playing, I can imagine doing a second line through the house.  Yeah you can tell I miss NOLA.  Anyway, JD Green takes you on a vocal journey that will enrich your mind, soul and ear.  Keep in mind this is her debut album, and I can only think of the goodness a second album will bring.  You can preview her album here.

Another thing I didn’t expect is that you can pre-order her album for $5!!!! The album will be released on June 15th, and a CD can be purchased for $10.  The album contains 18 tracks.  That’s basically two albums for other artists.  18 tracks on a debut album is a huge effort, and should be commended.

To help you learn more about JD Green, her music and “Diurnal: Movements”, Grown Folks Music did a great interview with her yesterday.  You should check it out.