Kem Releases Single “Why Would You Stay”, From Intimacy

Just a quick note.  Kem has released his first single “Why Would You Stay”, from his upcoming album “Album III Intimacy”.  It is scheduled to be released in July of this year.  If you loved any song from previous Kem albums, you’ll really enjoy this single.  You can pick up the single at iTunes or Amazon for $.99.  You can’t beat that price for a early sneak peak.

Kem – Why Would You Stay

Geena’s LoveZone Presents: Episode 29: Janet (Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty)

Geena has dropped another episodic gem for the world.  This time she focuses her ear for great music on Janet Jackson.  She reminds of us of some Ms Jackson classics like Rhythm Nation, Miss You Much, Nasty, Let’s Wait Awhile, and many others.  You can get the full list of songs, download mixtape and enjoy the deepness of The LoveZone.  No poetic magic for this episode, but there is plenty to enjoy on her site.

Lovezone Episode 29 – Janet Jackson Pt 1

Lovezone Episode 29 – Janet Jackson Pt 2

Eric Roberson Hits Memphis May 23rd!!!


Eric Roberson is making it to the Memphis area this week.  I know it’s late notice, but at least he is coming here.  He’s special guest is The Tim Terry Experience.  They will be performing at the New Daisy Theatre on May 23rd. Doors open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7pm.  Tickets start at $25 per person and can be purchased at Memphis Rebirth.

This should be a great show.  You know I’ll be there to soak up all that soul music.  If you are in the Memphis area, and haven’t heard of Eric Roberson, you should check out this and this.  That should convince you to be up in the spot on the 23rd.

Geena’s Lovezone Presents: Episode 28: Stevie Wonder

Everyone know how much I love a good mixtape or EP.  I’ve tried to make a collection of all gems that I found.  I was introduced in to Geena’s Lovezone.  Which has been putting together great music for the past nine years. She has been doing it for the love of the music, and then taking the time to share this love with others.  Along with the music, she also wraps your digital journey with some wonderful poetry.

Her latest creation is Episode 28: Stevie Wonder.  Within the two parts of the Stevie Wonder Tribute Mix, she has picked a great list of songs from the Soul Master.  Songs like Uptight, Part-Time Lover, All I Do, Ribbon In The Sky, Overjoyed and about twenty others.  Please check out the two mixes below and to download, hop over to her site also check out her other Episodes.  Enjoy.

Lovezone Episode 28 – Stevie Wonder Tribute Pt 1

Lovezone Episode 28 – Stevie Wonder Tribute Pt 2

Kem Lovers, Here’s Intimacy


The wait is nearing an end.  After long five years since his last album, Kem’s third album “Intimacy” is close at hand.  The album is being released on Universal Motown in July.  Kem has released a promo video that wraps you in his vision and sound of this third album.  This could be a new genre called Grown Soul. Yeah, I said it.  It drips of swagger, coolness and maturity that most artist can only dream.  This is only the promo video, so I now need the album ASAP.  Below is that promo video, and also the behind the scenes of that video.  So remember that this will be a cool summer come July.

Sade Releases Video for “Babyfather”

Yesterday Sade released her second video/third single “Babyfather”, from her blockbuster album “Solider Of Love“.  On this single Sade has her daughter singing with her, which sounds wonderful.  The video follows Sade normal video formula.  Which is striking visuals, and simple symbolisms throughout.  Even though she has a formula, it works and I can’t wait for the next video.  I’m really loving the new Sade that we get to see and appreciate more than the mythical image of Sade from before.

Ever Been Surprised By A Live Tropical Fish?

Today has been a day, that my eyes were opened a bit wider by a group name Live Tropical Fish.  Who are they you ask?  They are an Italian trio that have the great talent and vision to grow, blend, expand, transform genres of music into a sound that is truly artistic.  The group is comprised of  Fabrizio “Doc Bix” Poli, Antonio “Lurpak” Fernè and Salvo Pignanelli. They released their new album “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” earlier this month, and it is truly amazing.  It’s a journey through Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk and some exotic stops along the way.  Besides the talented trio, they have guests on the album, that would make any producer proud.  Their line up of other artists are Deborah Jordan, Alison Crockett, Laurnea, Nick Rolfe, Omar, Maya Azucena and April Hill.  Out of those seven artists, there are three that are on my list to cover their own music.

With “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” being their second album, you can really tell the cohesiveness of the group and it’s ability to work with varying styles, genres, and musical philosophies.  I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to their first album “Shape Your Life” which was released in 1997, which would be great to see how they have grown and evolved.

Here is a video of Live Tropical Fish performing with Laurnea.  They are performing “Breathe Again”.

Macy Gray Sees “Beauty In The World”

Macy Gray has been working her upcoming album “The Sellout” since late 2008. “The Sellout” will be her fifth album that she has released.  The first single, “Beauty In The World”  has already been released, with an accompanying video.   From the video, you can tell that she hasn’t lost any of her unique quirkiness. I can’t wait to see how the entire album sounds.

Eric Roberson & Layla Hathaway in “Dealing” Video


I know I’m mad late with this video.  I actually watched it for the first time tonight.  Eric Roberson and Layla Hathaway, came together for a duet on “Dealing”. A song from Eric Roberson’s recently released album “Music Fan First“.  This is the type of video that most R&B music videos want to be when they grow up.  No gimmicks or BS.  It just focuses on the great music.

Daru Jones & Kissey Asplund’s “So Good PD EP”

Daru has dropped another joint in his Rusic project.  This time he has joined forces with the lovely voice from Sweden, Kissey Asplund.  They have released the “So Good PD EP” to the world.  It is seven songs of dopeness.  Daru’s grabbing beats along with Kissey’s soft and smooth voice, just makes a great combination.  I can’t get “Sweetest Day” off repeat.  You can download it here [Download not found].

1. Rat Race “Up & Down” – 02:45

2. Sweetest Day – 04:51

3. Please – 03:40

4. No Matter What They Say – 04:01

5. So Good Pt.2 “Go-Go Mix” – 04:46

6. Lift Me High (Outake Inst) – 03:23

7. And It Looks (Outtake Inst.) – 04:25

Catch Res’s Interview on Eavesdrop Radio

Res has a new interview on the podcast from Eavesdrop Radio.  It’s actually a very relaxed and informative interview.  It gave me a better understanding of Res’s background and thought process.  You can stream or download it here.

Also, don’t forget that Res has a show in Philly next week.  It’s April 28th @ 9:00PM. It’s being held at Johnny Brenda’s. For $10 you can’t beat that. Show her some love.

Erykah Badu announces “Out My Mind, Just In Time” Tour

You knew it was coming, and I know you’re glad it did.  Erykah Badu has announced the tour dates for her “Out My Mind, Just In Time” tour.  This tour pairs nicely with her well received new album “New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh”.  While she is doing this tour, she will be also crossing paths with other artists and tours.  They are Lollapalooza festival, Lilith Fair, Maxwell’s concert at Phillips Arena in Atlanta on June 11 and Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 26.  Check out the dates below for her tour.  She is even coming here to Memphis. :)

Apr 23  Tobago Jazz Experience
May 22 Baltimore, Maryland
May 23 Boston, Massachusetts
May 25 New York
May 26 Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
May 28 Washington, DC
May 30 Detroit, Michigan
June 2 Chicago, Illinois
June 5 Memphis, Tennessee
June 6 Nashville, Tennessee
June 8 Kansas City, Missouri
June 9 St.Louis, Missouri
June 11 Atlanta, Georgia
June 13 Houston, Texas
June 14 Grand prairie, Texas
June 16 Denver, Colorado
June 18 Oakland, California
June 19 Saratoga, California
June 20 Los Angeles, California
June 26 New York
June 27 Calgary, Alberta
June 28 Edmonton, Alberta
June 30 Vancouver, British Columbia
July 2 Ridgefield, Washington
July 3 George, Washington
Aug 4 Raleigh, North Carolina
Aug 7 Columbia, Maryland
Aug 8 Chicago, Illinois
Aug 11 Tampa, Florida

Vital Takes Off With “Airport” Video

Vital has released the full version of his video to his song “Airport”.  The song is from his recent “The Vital EP“.  The album isn’t what you expect, but it is wonderful.  I love how the video fits the music perfectly.  The video was directed by TAKCOM  Check it out and tell me what you think. I can’t wait for Vital’s full album.

Maxwell Fist Full Of Tears Video


Morning and welcome back. During my small absence, a lot happened. First up is Maxwell‘s video “Fist Full Of Tears” from his recent blockbuster album “Blacksummer’snight”.  If you want to catch up on all of Maxwell’s videos check out this site.  I think you will be happy.  Also, while we’re on Maxwell.  Have you purchased your Maxwell and Jill Scott tickets?  That show is going to be wonderful.

Iman Williams Is Everywhere and Growing

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I have recently had the pleasure to listen to the music of Iman Williams.  She is an artist, singer and songwriter from Alabama, California and Atlanta.  I’m still baffled at the very talented artists that I hear, that don’t get the exposure they deserve and/or desire.  Her voice just comes out of no where and captivates you.  I’m very impressed, and am now truly a fan.  Her music is one a real music lover longs for, but rarely gets.  Enough of me flapping my gums, here are some samples of her music.

“Soulmate featuring Ab” is from her last EP “The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux“, that was released in January of 2009.  This is a very amazing song, and it’s only the first song that I have heard of Iman Williams.  It starts with just her soft and yielding voice.  Then her voice invokes a strength, and with that strength you really notice the piano. As it goes on, the singer Ab joins. Their voices together made me sense flashes of Prince, but then reminded me that this is something new and unique.

Soul Mate

“Float Away featuring Porsche” is from her upcoming album “Stupid Human Trick” that is due this May.  This is very nice song, that makes me want the whole album NOW.  It has a very relaxed feel, and has the power and beat to set the mood, in any situation.  Iman Williams was very kind to share a sampler from the upcoming album.  It is available for streaming.

Float Away Feat Porsche Smith

Stupid Human Trick Sampler