Gabbie McGee “Mississippi Daughter” Album Review

While driving into work today I decided to let Gabbie McGee’s new album “Mississippi Daughter” ride shotgun for my 1hr commute.

Almost immediately with “Walk with Me (Lord)” and “Afterwhile. Afterwhile” I was taken back to my childhood and I was suddenly sitting on my great grandmothers porch, getting my hair braided, playing jacks, and eating hersheys kisses. “It’s gonna be alright, Afterwhile.”

[audio: GabbieMcGee1.mp3]

It wasn’t deep, south Mississippi but it was Southern Virginia where I spent most of my childhood days and this album is the soundtrack to those memories. Memories of ice cold lemonade, hot days, little girls laughing as they played and a cool breeze under the shade.

Her lyrics also make you think of all the phenomenal women that have graced your life during that time with “Oak Tree”. I remembered my mami, my momma, my aunties, and my mother and the strength they’ve instilled me all these years.

[audio: GabbieMcGee6.mp3]

Its no doubt that Gabbie brings, with her sophomore album, spiritual, soultry, and smooth vocals. Her voice rings out lyrics that make you feel happy, carefree and full of hope from beginning to end, like when you were 10.

The last song on the album is “Run On”. I sat in my car, about to walk into my office and this song made my back straighter, and my stance 2 inches taller. “A New day is taken shape! – We gotta Run On!” and I did today and I will continue to do so.


If you want to be spiritually fed and musically uplifted, then definitely add the beautiful Gabbie McGee to your collection. You will feel nostalgic and looking forward to your next Family Reunion.

Track Listing

1.  Walk with Me

2.  Afterwhile, Afterwhile

3.  Mississippi’s Daughter

4.  Destination Me

5.  The Interview Week 97.8

6.  Oak Tree

7.  Believer

8.  Soul.Jazz Amplified./How I Got Over It

9.  Idealistic Love

10. Give it 2 Me

11. He Makes Me Say (Boobie’s Anthem)

12. Help Wanted

13. Marriage, Motherhood & Music

14. Run On!

Review Of The Rural’s “Rural Soul”

Album: Rural Soul

Description: A soultry, nujazz, compilation of the very best of 16 years of the deep house sounds and a few new releases. The band is lead by DJ Andy Compton, with Marie ‘Tweek’ and a slew of other electic musicians. The talented base crew all from Devon, U. K. includes Saxophonist, Charlie Hearnshaw; Bass Player, Pete “Gurner” Middleton and Producer/Mixer, Bazil, a well known England DJ. The Rurals are often joined by other musicians on their label, Peng which released most of their recordings over the past decade.

geegee’s Review:

It started to thunderstorm as the first, a new track, “Save It” started to play. My original plan was to listen while I cleaned the house but by the time “So Sexy” came on I could no long ignore my background music- I had to sit down, light some candles and soak it all in.
The lyrics seemed to speak to me and say all the things I’d been feeling as I’d just ended a long term relationship. “Missing You” and “Ways to Love” (Emotional Feelings, 2003) took me there, and I fell in love with this cd!
Slowly I moved to the instrumental “Liquid” (10th Chapter, 2008) then got lost in the rifs of “Charlie Plays” (Messages, 2004). Soon after, up tempo tunes like “Just Fine and “Get it Right” started to thump from Nettle Soul, 2006, which reminded me of the bliss of a new relationship, when your heart is racing and you just can’t get enough.

I closed my eyes and thought of loves past, present and hopefully in my future as I swayed my hips to the deep house rhythms of “Fender Songs and “I’ve Travelled”.  My ears were soothed to “Pleading With You” and “Relax Your Soul” and immediately felt calm and at peace, like a bittersweet love affair.

This album took me all the way to midnight as the rain fell during “Smokey Jam” (The Rural Life, 2005) and the saxophone lulled me to sleep in “Fallin.”  This collection takes the listener thru 16 years of a melodic relationship with a band that fits so well together. Each song is a perfect balance of jazz, funk, house and soul.

4 Gees up! Definitely a “MUST add’ to your collection!

The Rurals – Missing You

The Rurals – So Sexy