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Was just thinking, and wondering if everyone knew about the different ways to connect with Soulified.  With everyone being mobile and having different tastes on how they receive their information. We are on a bunch of Social Media sites, but we focus on two (twitter & Facebook) and RSS.

So, first we have Soulified on Twitter. There you will get all the updates from the site, and postings that don’t make it to the site. By followings Soulified on Twitter, you can also get  to see what great other bloggers, artists and music lovers on Twitter.  It’s really expanded my music taste and knowledge.

Soulified on Twitter

Next we have our Facebook Fan Page.  Here we also serve up our updates, and you have a chance to talk to other music lovers.  It’s a growing Fan Page, so come join and help the community.  Also once all of our  contests get posted first on our Facebook Fan Page.  Once we get to a certain number of members, we get vanity url on facebook. I know exciting.

Facebook Soulified

Lastly we have RSS Feed.  Now some people don’t even know what RSS means.  It’s like a subscription to the site, and the updates come to you in your RSS Reader.  One of the popular RSS Readers is Google RSS Reader or NetNewsWire for the iPhone.  RSS also gives you the option of reading the articles offline, at your convenience.  Plus there are tons of great RSS Feeds for Soul Music and Soul Food.  Of course ours should be first on your list. :)

rss soulified

Soulified Needs Your Help…Yes You.

Good morning people. I know you have been wondering what happened to the updates this week. Life got in the way of the updates. I’ve recently launched a new site for a client, and that has taken a lot of time. Check it out if you like casinos gambling or good travel deals. It’s Anyway, that with Thanksgiving has been a sponge to my time. Now things have settled down, and I can focus back on my baby.

So, this is where you can help. I need your to let me know what kind of things you want to see more or less on the site. For example, do you want more guilty free music downloads? Or perhaps more new artists spotlighted? Also I am reaching out to anyone who wants to contribute to the site as a writer on your favorite artist, band or even reviews. I have a back log of music that I have been sent, that I haven’t had a chance to evaluate. Even if you want to be creative with your help, I’m open. It’s just hard running a site like this and do daily updates with one person. Just contact me at Thanks for time.

New contests for new albums

Blacksummers' Night

Good afternoon.  Just a friendly reminder of two great albums coming our this summer, which is turning out to be pretty good for releases.  I just wish they would spread them out through the year, and the winter and spring won’t be so dry.  Anyway, we have Maxwell’s long awaited Blacksummers’ Night album arriving July 7th.  I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the Deluxe CD/DVD, and you can do so here @ Amazon.


Also we have Ledisi dropping her album “Turn Me Loose” on August 18th.  It will be her 5th album.  I can’t wait to hear this one.  I even picked up her Christmas album to get my fix.  It was great of course. When she came to Memphis last year, it was an unreal show. To me her show was one of the best Soul concerts I’ve ever seen.  The other great was Jill Scott, and 3rd is Frankie Beverly and Maze.  Last year was a great year for concerts in Memphis. Focus Eric. Here is a sample of her song Alone from the new album.


Now about the contest.  Since people enjoyed the last three contests, I’m doing once for each of these albums.  It’s very easy.

Here are the rules and a link to the obligatory legal statement:

1.  Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 and older.

2. To enter leave a comment telling us how you’ll enjoy and chill to either album. (only one album entry per comment) (You can enter for each contests)

3. The comment must be left before Monday, July 6th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Maxwell’s album

4. The comment must be left before Monday, August 17th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Ledisi’s album

5. You may enter only for each album once.

6. One winner will be selected for each album in a random drawing.

7. Prize: 1 CD album of the corresponding album contest shipped to your address.

8. Click Here for complete Official Rules.

New Site features


Just wanted to point out some new features, and wanted everyone to be aware of them. If you have any ideas for a feature, leave a comment detailing your request.  On to the features.

1. Calendar – In the right sidebar, at the top. It will list upcoming albums of note, and events in the Memphis area.

2. Coolris – Added Coolris support for all future image galleries and albums. It’s a plugin for your browser, that enables a great interface to browse the sites photos.

3. Downloadable music – Also in the sidebar, the newest EPs and mixtapes for the genre.  I try to find all the newest free music. If you know of one that I am lacking, please let me know.

4. Voting – In all future posts, the ability to vote your opinion of that post. With that info, I can better tailor the site to your tastes.

I hope these features enable you to enjoy the site even more.  Thanks for your readership, and input.

Back From Vacation!!!!


Sorry for the lull in posting, but I needed a good vacation to revive my spirit.  Now that it is refreshed, revived and renewed I can burn it up.  We went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean, and had a blast.  I see that not a lot has happened in Soul music lately, so I’ll do what I do best, and bring you some more unknown music.   Check out the photos from the trip.  You will notice the food looked unreal.  It was.  I had some great dishes, that I’m going to do some follow up posts on.