Memphis: A Tribute To Prince

Tribute To Prince

The second event to help fill your weekend, is A Tribute To Prince.  It’s being produced by Memphis Rebirth. Here is a snippet from their site, that best describes their  goal. “Memphis Rebirth Entertainment was conceived in 2006 with the dedication to restore music back to its original soul element and create unity among diverse culture through the concert series – Rebirth of Soul, which will be a scholarship benefit that will give assistance to high school students seeking continued education in Music and the Arts in an accredited college or institution.”

They are putting together this event, that features Karen Brown, Thomas Anthony, Preston Shannon and The Flow.  They will be performing classic Prince songs to give tribute to his legacy of great music.  Also they will perform a few songs to give respect to the passing of Michael Jackson.  More info on the artists is available here.

It will be held at the New Daisy Theater on July 11th Saturday at 7pm.  General admission tickets are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door.  VIP tickets include 3 course dinner (catered by DeJa Vu Creole Restaurant), VIP seating and two beverages are $45 per person.  You can purchase tickets at Memphis Rebirth’s site via Paypal. It sounds like a good time.  I am planning on attending.

Jackson, MS: Musiq Soulchild Performing @ Voodoo lounge

Musiq Soulchild

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Good evening.  If you’re in the Memphis, Mississippi area and trying to find something to do this weekend I have some events that should help.  Tomorrow, July 10th Friday, Musiq Soulchild is performing at the Voodoo Lounge (inside Club Mardi Gras) in downtown Jackson, MS.  It starts at 10:00pm, and tickets can still be purchased from Ticketmaster.  General admission tickets are $30 per person, and Meet & Greet passes are $100 per person.

Erykah Badu Performing for Southern Classic

Erykah Badu

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Good news Memphians.  Erykah Badu is coming to town for Southern Classic, on September 10th, 2009.  She will be performing at the Classic R & B Concert, which is being held at the Orphuem Theatre.  Presale tickets go on sale at 10:00am CST today. Tickets for the public go on sale tomorrow, Friday July 10th at 10:00am CST.  You can purchase tickets at Ticketmaster. Ticket prices range from $57 to $87. They haven’t stated if there is anyone else performing with her, but that information should be released shortly.

UPDATE: The password for buying the tickets early, during the pre-sale event is “honey” or “classic20”

Ledisi’s Album Cover for Upcoming “Turn Me Loose”


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Good afternoon. Earlier in Twitterland, Ledisi posted a photo of her album cover, for her upcoming album “Turn Me Loose”.  It is set to be released August 18th, 2009.  You can preorder it from Amazon.  This will be her fifth album.  You can go to her site to check out some of the songs from the album.  Sounds like another great album.  You can check out her previous albums here.

Soul Artist Spotlight: L’Renee


Good morning people.  In my efforts to add some new features to the site, I’ve come up with “Soul Artist Spotlights”.  It’s where I spotlight six female artists, that are new to ME.  Some of the artists may new on the scene or serious veterans. There is so much music out there, I know, no one person is getting exposed to all of it all the time.  Also, I’ve added the feature of embedding mp3’s in a nice way.  Yeah, I know big deal.  Anyway, on to the music.



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Our first spotlight is L’Renee.  Coming from the Detroit, MI area, she has fought against many doubters. Starting in 2006, by creating her own music label.  From there she moved forward at a great pace to release “Special Song” LP that same year. The following year, she released “2nd Chances”.  L’Renee also released “Merry Christmas EP” in 2008.  She is very ambitious with her 2009 release schedule.  She has three LP’s slated for this year.  They consist of “L’Renee’s House”, “Europe”,  and “Jazz” which is a live LP.  She will not be a one hit wonder, or a flash in the pan.  She has set her sights, and is planning on giving her fans the music they deserve.

All I Need Is Time

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Update: Chocolate Water Coming to Memphis (Postponed till October)

Chocolate Water

Well Neo Soul/Soul fans in Memphis.  It’s a happy day.  We finally have a decent show to attend.  Neosoulville has posted information about the show on June 27th, @ Minglewood Hall.  The listed performers are N’Dambi, Anthony David, Julie Dexter, Rhonda Thomas, Tanya Dyson, Tim Terry, Carmen, Valencia Robinson, Wildmann, TamE, Allyson Truly, Inner City South, Sene, Brothera’s Keepa, Naja, FW Love, Still Black See and more.  I’ve already bought my tickets, and got my camera ready. Tickets are $20.99 for general addmission, and $35.99 for VIP admission. You can purchase tickets here.

UPDATE 6-22-09: This show has been postponed, with an October date given.  First word was given by N’Dambi on Twitter and Anthony David on Facebook. This is really a let down.  Anthony David stated that it was “unorganized”.  For Memphis to get the better shows and artists, we have get better promoters.  Don’t know where the break down occurred, but this isn’t rocket science.

Raheem Devaughn releases Art of Noise Mixtape

Art Of Noise

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Raheem Devaughn has done it, as he said he would.  He released the new 19 track mixtape “Art of Noise” on June 15th.  This is a prelude to his upcoming album this fall, “Love and War Masterpiece”.  As the King of Soul Mixtapes, he truly believes in giving fan what they want, music.  Along with releasing the new mixtape, he also announced his entry on to Twitter, and new collaboration site for 368 Music Group, with the artists Philade and Dre The Mayor.

To download  the mixtape go to 368 Music Group to enter email address, to receive the downlink. After you download, come back and tell us what you think.

New contests for new albums

Blacksummers' Night

Good afternoon.  Just a friendly reminder of two great albums coming our this summer, which is turning out to be pretty good for releases.  I just wish they would spread them out through the year, and the winter and spring won’t be so dry.  Anyway, we have Maxwell’s long awaited Blacksummers’ Night album arriving July 7th.  I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the Deluxe CD/DVD, and you can do so here @ Amazon.


Also we have Ledisi dropping her album “Turn Me Loose” on August 18th.  It will be her 5th album.  I can’t wait to hear this one.  I even picked up her Christmas album to get my fix.  It was great of course. When she came to Memphis last year, it was an unreal show. To me her show was one of the best Soul concerts I’ve ever seen.  The other great was Jill Scott, and 3rd is Frankie Beverly and Maze.  Last year was a great year for concerts in Memphis. Focus Eric. Here is a sample of her song Alone from the new album.


Now about the contest.  Since people enjoyed the last three contests, I’m doing once for each of these albums.  It’s very easy.

Here are the rules and a link to the obligatory legal statement:

1.  Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 and older.

2. To enter leave a comment telling us how you’ll enjoy and chill to either album. (only one album entry per comment) (You can enter for each contests)

3. The comment must be left before Monday, July 6th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Maxwell’s album

4. The comment must be left before Monday, August 17th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Ledisi’s album

5. You may enter only for each album once.

6. One winner will be selected for each album in a random drawing.

7. Prize: 1 CD album of the corresponding album contest shipped to your address.

8. Click Here for complete Official Rules.

Maxwell touring in the South


Wifey just informed me that Maxwell is on tour in the South next month (July). First he is performing at Essence Music Fest, July 4th @ 7:00pm. Then for all the Mid-South fans, he will perform at the Ryman Auditorium July 12th @ 7:30pm. Lastly he performs in Louisville, at Louisville Palace July 13th @ 8:00pm. You can purchase tickets early, since the radio presale password is “summer”. So, you can get the jump on everyone else. I’m going to try to get to the Nashville concert, but prices are $89.50, $62.50, $49.50. I think that he will performing songs from his upcoming album BLACKsummer’s Night, that drops July 7th.

Raheem Devaughn to release new mixtape

Raheem Devaughn

His supreme Soulness, has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape June 15th.  It is titled “The Art Of Noise”, and will be a free download.  If you are new to Raheem Devaughn, he has a very strong love of mixtapes.  To my knowledge he has eight mixtapes that he is featured.  All of his mixtapes are listed below.  To celebrate his release of a new mixtape, I’m posting The Street Experience Vol 1 – 5.  Once you listen to the mixtapes, you will be very impressed.  You will find yourself asking what rock you were living under, that you didn’t haven’t heard these sooner.  Enjoy.

1. “The Healing – Daily Dosage” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2002)

2. “The Antidote – The Healing Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2003)

3. “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

4. “The Street Experience – Volume 1” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

5. “The Street Experience – Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

6. “The Street Experience – Volume 3” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

7. “The Street Experience – Volume 4” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2006)

8. “The Street Experience – Volume 5” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2007)

9. “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2005)

Thanks for HoneySoul for the heads up on the new Mixtape.

UPDATE (5-21-09): Fixed Vol. 5 Link. Thanks, Dave.

UPDATE (6-17-09): Found three more mixtapes on the list. “The Healing”, “The Antidote”, and “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” are now clickable links.  If anyone has “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” Let me know.  That’s the only one missing.

New Contest!!! Win a copy of Choklate’s “To Whom it May Concern”

To Whom It May Concern

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Good afternoon. One of my favorite Soul artists is releasing her 2nd album tomorrow (May 19th).  The album is titled “To Whom It May Concern“.  It will be available everywhere.  I tried to make the rounds today, to pick it up early, with no luck.  So, to make it easy for one lucky reader I’m giving away a copy of the album.  Very easy. All you have to do is register for Soulified here.  Be the twentieth person to register, and the copy is yours. Now if we don’t make 20 new registered users, then the last person to register wins.

Check out her debut album, and her appearance on the Kajmere Sound Volume 1 album.

Hil St Soul’s Release

Hil St Soul

This album represents one of the issues, that limits the fans from being aware of new music.  One of my favorite UK groups Hil St. Soul, has a new album coming out June 1st.  It has some new material mixed in with some older songs.  Now I found this album only listed at one of the places that I trust, and that was at Amazon UK.  It wasn’t listed on the artist’s MySpace page, or even their record company’s site.  Now if you do a google search, you get tons of pirate links for this album.  It’s just backwards.  Anyway, I can’t wait to gear the new music, since their last release, Black Rose.

Track Listing

1. Release

2. Hey Boy

3. Don’t Forget The Ghetto

4. Life

5. Smile

6. Pieces

7. Wash Away

8. It’s OK

9. Until You Come Back To Me

10. Sweetest Days

11. All That (And A Bag Of Chips)

12. For Your Love

13. Baby Come Over – Hil St. Soul & Dwele

14. Broken Again

15. We Don’t Talk

16. Goodbye

Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?

Lauryn Hill

Ok, This really isn’t an album. It’s collection of songs that, many I haven’t heard. Some may be from that album that was never released in 2004, but we have no way of knowing. If you’re asking about that cover art, it was created by GlueKit, by the request of Vibe Magazine for an article. The article was about 51 Albums that never Were. So, what’s the history behind the Khulami Phase album?  All I know is that, she was working on it during 2004, and to be released in December of that year.  That is also the same time that they spoke of a Fugee Reunion.  I’m stilling hoping for a 3rd labum to be released by Ms. Lauryn, and a Fugee’s Reunion.  You can download the album here. Enjoy. Continue reading “Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?” »

D’Angelo, Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq Together in Lynwood Rose Mixtape

May Is turning out to be a great month for music. I was going to go to bed, but I saw this and just had to post it.  To have D’Angelo, Q-Tip and Raphael Saadiq on the same album has to be great. From the info that I found, is that this is a sample of the album that they are working on. You can download the album here or click the album cover on the sidebar to the right.  While you are there, check out the other mixtapes or EP’s there..  Let me know what you think.

Track Listing

01. Q-Tip, D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Lynwood Rose Intro

02. D’Angelo & Q-Tip – Believe

03. Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip – We Fight/Love

04. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Get Involved

05. Q-Tip – Shine All Day

06. D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Be Here

07. D’Angelo – Found My Smile Again

08. Q-Tip – Dance On Glass

09. Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray

10. D’Angelo – Really Love

11. Raphael Saadiq – Make My Day

12. Q-Tip – Lyrics From The Abstract (TDMG Mix)

13. D’Angelo – The Line

14. Raphael Saadiq – Lift The People

15. D’Angelo – A Capella Interlude

16. Q-Tip – Sand Castle Disco

17. Raphael Saadiq- – We Get Down

18. Q-Tip – Midnight Marauders 2008

19. D’Angelo – So Far To Go

20. Raphael Saadiq – A Capella Intermission

21. D’Angelo – Bullshit

22. Q-Tip – Request

23. Raphael Saadiq – Just A Man

24. D’Angelo – Imagine

25. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Stressed Out (Saadiq Mix)

26. D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie

27. Raphael Saadiq – AOL Freestyle

28. D’Angelo – Tell Me

29. Raphael Saadiq & D’Angelo – Exclusive Outro



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Good afternoon.  My eyes and ears have been opened this day to the soothing voice of Oceana.  With a heavy influence from the great Maceo Parker, she brings a fresh sound to this genre.  Her voice is heavy with a subdued emotion, and feeling that adds many nuances to her music. Her debut album Love Supply was just released on April 30th.  You can pick it up here.

From what I have heard so far, the song Cry Cry (video below) is great.  It’s her first single from the album, and her first video also.  She has a lot of live videos on her YouTube channel.  It’s like she just came onto the scene and knocking them dead.