Mad Late: Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “This Way” Sampler


Ok, I just found out about this little gem from Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  It’s their collaboration caller “This Way” Sampler.  It was dropped a few months ago, and it’s very good follow up to her debut album 4:15.  The sampler has twelve tracks which is great, and it includes one of my favorites “He Don’t Want It”.  Best of all the sampler is FREE!!!  I can tell that I am surprised, because I really didn’t know what to expect with the inclusion of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I still picture him 20 years ago, dropping the beats on “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  Sad I know. Anyway, also check out her previous EP “Problem Woman“.  You can download the sampler here.   Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeffs "This Way" Sampler (459 downloads )