DJ Jazzy Jeff/ Michael Jackson- He’s The King, I’m The DJ (Mixtape)

(A taste of the Mixtape)


In celebration of the life of Michael Jackson and the year anniversary of his passing I thought I’d show my love by blessing all of my Soulified fam with this masterpiece of a mixtape that the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff mixed and when I say a masterpiece I mean just that!

This album has the perfect formula for a mixtape…No annoying ass DJ shouting out his name, click, and baby mama’s every 5 seconds over the track with the annoying echo effect, the scratching is limited and sounds great, the mixing is flawless, the singles are on point, the artist is on point, with very little sampling to the original tracks. And as you can see by the 49 single track list below Jazz doesn’t sale you short with the MJ hits. You get EVERY Michael Jackson in this one from when he was the tender age of 8 performing with The Jackson 5, his dark, solo, afro years, the light skinned “Jerry Curl” MJ, up to the white version he all left us as. There’s singles on this album that I never even heard of that my mom had to school me on when she over heard me listening to the album and immediately requested I burn her a copy for work. lol Your also going to hear a few familiar sample’s taken by today’s artist like LL Cool J and Ghostface Killer just to name a few.

All around this mixtape is a must have to anyone’s collection and hard to believe it’s “mixtape” and free at that. Just press play, leave that skip button dusty, and enjoy a legend introduce another legends entire life in the form of music.

Download DJ Jazzy Jeff - Michael Jackson - He is The King, I am The DJ Mixtape (2014 downloads )

5 out of 5 Cartons

-Black Milk

Fresh from the Fridge- Dwele- W.ants W.orld W.omen Mixtape

Yes yes yall! Here’s a nice little appetizer to get us all by till  Dwele drop’s the real deal on the 29th of this month! On the first track Dwele starts out with a personal clip of an interview he did discussing how he got started and motivated to continue and the interview clips continue 3 more times throughout the mixtape and are all very interesting to hear. The mixtape contains 3 of the 16 tracks that are on the official album which are What’s Not to Love, How I DealYoutube version” and My People. Aside from the W.W.W. there’s an exclusive live version of Angel, an interpretation of English pop rock duo’s Fears For Tear’s hit single Everybody Wants To Rule the World, a few older exclusive’s that I’ve never even heard, and the dope tribute Dwele did for Michael Jackson where he performed a very memorable MJ track recording each instrument piece by piece with his sampler from start to finish. You have to see it to believe it! True talent right there!


This mixtape is all around a well put together album and will totally satisfy your Dwele craving’s till the 29th and I went ahead and added three Black Milk Bonus Tracks to the mixtape that I made available for download in a couple of past post this month.

01. Interlude/ Lady Love
02. Love
03. Angel (Live)
04. Everybody Wants To Rule the World
05. Interlude2/ My People
06. Move On Up
07. How I Deal
08. Interlude 3/ Baby Come Over
09. Rockin You Eternally feat Leo
10. Interlude 4/ What’s Not to Love
11. A Tribute to MJ
12. I Wish (Black Milk Bonus Track)
13 Power (Black Milk Bonus Track)
14. I Think I Love You (Remix) (Black Milk Bonus Track)

Download Dwele - Wants World Women Mixtape (1975 downloads )

Enjoy the freshness

-Black Milk

D’Angelo: A Sad State for a Great Talent

Heard whispers of D’Angelo having a new album out, and I had to jump up to track it down, and see if all the fans wishes had been answered.  Found that that said album is called “Interpretations: Remakes”.  Well…. it’s ANOTHER fraud.  All it is music from his previous official releases and concerts, put into basically a mixtape.

So, after being disappointed once again, I tried to get a better understanding of who is putting out these mixtapes disguised as official releases.  The company’s name is “Think Different Music Group“.  According to their Bio, they work with artists for A&R and to market their albums.  My question is, why would an artists give the green light for a 3rd party to release sub par versions of their music, when his current label Virgin Records can do that, and they have the masters?  Also why wouldn’t he have those releases listed on his MySpace page to garner more sales?  The ONLY official compilation album is “The Best So Far“.  All these other  releases are just mixtapes that someone is trying fleece devoted fans, who are dying for a new album.

D’Angelo’s fans want to throw their money at him for concerts, albums, singles and possible music videos. In the title I say it’s a sad state, because both the artist and the fan are being abused.  I mean this is D’Angelo. The man that gave real meaning to “Brown Sugar”, and co-defined “Lady” along with Lionel Richie (Happy Birthday today).

So, here are five mixtapes that I have collected to help get the fans by until we are blessed with new material from Sir D’Angelo.  Enjoy.

[Update] Thanks to “The Ned” found out that D’Angelo’s trainer has made a statement concerning the near future of D’Angelo. Here it is.

“I’m rocking with Mary [J. Blige] this SUMMER and I’m starting with D’Angelo next week,” Jenkins revealed toSOHH last weekend. “So I’m looking for a big transformation with D’Angelo. We’re back. His music is good and he’s gonna be coming back pretty strong in the next three or four months. The music is tight. That transformation was really one of the big ones that put me on the map so we’re looking to get him in better condition than the ‘Untitled’ video. That’s the target we’re shooting for.” (SOHH)

Download Links

DAngelos Interpretations Remakes (1820 downloads )

DAngelos Live At Universal Ampitheater (1277 downloads )

DAngelo's Ameldabee Presents The Soul Of DAngelo (1186 downloads )

DAngelos Yoda The Monarch Of Neo-Soul Vol. 1 (525 downloads )

DAngelos Yoda The Monarch Of Neo-Soul Vol. 2 (1030 downloads )

Lynwood Rose Mixtape (990 downloads )

1   Features

2   Really Love

3   I Found My Smile Again

4   Your Love Is So Cold

5   Heaven Must Be Like This

6   Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Live Cover)

7   Superman Lover (Live Cover)

8   Devils Pie (Live)

9   Send It On In (Live)

10   Can’t Hide Love (Live Cover)

11   I’m So Glad Your Mine (Al Green Live Cover)

12   Sweet Sticky Green (Ohio Players Live Cover)

13   Sexy Little Things U Do (Live)

14   She’s Always In My Hair (Prince Cover)

15   Go Back 2 That Thing

16   Fair But So Uncool

01 . One Mo’ Gin

02 . Shit, Damn, Motherfucker

03 . Bullshit

04 . Jonz in My Bonz

05 . I Found My Smile Again

06 . Smooth

07 . Spanish Joint

08 . Really Love

09 . So Far to Go (Interlude)

10 . When We Get By

11 . Noting Even Matters

12 . Your Precious Love

13 . Alright

14 . Accapella (Interlude)

15 . Shinig Star

16 . Ghetto Heaven

17 . Heaven Must Be Like This

18 . Your Love Is So Gold

19 . Break You Off

20 . She’s Always in My Hair

01. Heaven Must Be Like This (Ohio Players)

02. Feel Like Making Love (Roberta Flack)

03. Cruisin’ (Smokey Robinson)

04. Your Precious Love (Feat. Erykah Badu)

05. Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Eddie Kendricks)

06. She’s Always In My Hair (Prince)

07. Can’t Hide Love (Earth, Wind & Fire)

08. I’m So Glad You’re Mine (Al Green)

09. Feel Like Making Love (LIVE) (Roberta Flack)

10. Sweet Sticky Thing (Ohio Players)

11. Give Me Your Love (Curtis Mayfield)

12. Cruisin’ (LIVE) (Smokey Robinson)

13. Use Me (Bill Withers)

14. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers)

15. Superman Lover (Johnny “Guitar” Watson)

01. D’Angeloduction

02. Brandy – ‘Baby (D’Angelo and Baby Fro Uptown Remix)’

03. D’ Angelo – ‘Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine’

04. D’Angelo – ‘Brown Sugar’

05. D’Angelo – ‘Lady’

06. D’Angelo – ‘Cruisin’

07. Trib Called Quest – ‘Crew’

08. Vertical Hold feat. D’Angelo – ‘Pray’

09. Angie Stone feat. D’Angelo – ‘Everyday’

10. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu – ‘Your Precious Love’

11. The Boys Choir of Harlem feat. D’Angelo – ‘Overjoyed’

12. D’Angelo – ‘I Found My Smile Again’

13. Black Men United feat. Boyz II Men, D’Angelo – ‘U Will Know’

14. D’Angelo – ‘Girl You Need A Change Of Mind’

15. D’Angelo – ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’

16. The Roots feat. D’Angelo – ‘The ‘Notic + The Hypnotic + The Spark’

17. BB King feat D’Angelo – ‘Ain’t Nobody Home’

18. D’Angelo – ‘Sweet Sticky Thing + I’m So Glad You’re Mine + Heaven Must Be Like This (Live)’

19. Gza feat. D’Angelo – ‘Cold World (Remix)’

20. Method Man feat. D’Angelo – ‘Break Ups 2 Make Ups’

21. Slum Village feat. D’Angelo – ‘Tell Me’

22. Common feat D’Angelo – ‘Geto Heaven (Part Two)’

23. Lauryn Hill feat. D’Angelo – ‘Nothing Else Matters’

24. D’Angelo feat. Method Man, Redman – ‘Left And Right’

25. D’Angelo – ‘Devil’s Pie’

26. D’Angelo – ‘Africa’

27. D’Angelo – ‘Spanish Joint’

28. D’Angelo – ‘She’s Always In My Hair’

29. Rapahel Saadiq feat. D’Angelo – ‘Be Here’

30. The Roots feat. D’Angelo – ”Break You Off’

31. D’Angelo, Femi Kuti, Macy Gray, The Soultronics – ‘Water Get No Enemy’

32. Roy Hargrove feat. D’Angelo – ‘I’ll Stay’

33. D’Angelo feat. Isaac Hayes, Chuck D – ‘Sing A Simple Song’

Artist Spotlight: Carlitta Durand


Carlitta Durand.  Know her?  You should.  I didn’t until recently, and then I kinda went over board and tried to collect all of her music.  She has been blessed with a sensual voice, and a talent that just draws you in, and makes you stay awhile.  She has released an album titled “Carlitta’s Way The Prelude“.  It was released April of 2009, but it’s still a great showcase of her voice.  Of course, I personally like her softness and clarity.  In the past year or two , she has been featured on mean songs, released The Doug And Patty EP’s (Season One & Two), and featured on four songs of  Nicolay’s “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya“.  She has done an exceptional job of getting her voice out there. The thing that blows me away, is that she is currently on 19.  Yup.  I know grown-ass artists who aren’t that prolific or talented.  Some of the items that I mention are available for download, some are available to stream.  Enjoy.

Doug And Patti Season One EP (335 downloads )

Doug And Patti Season Two EP (455 downloads )

[audio: 01%20-%20Nicolay%20-%20Lose%20Your%20Way.mp3]

[audio: RobotHeart-AppleJac-remix.mp3]

Mad Late: Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “This Way” Sampler


Ok, I just found out about this little gem from Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  It’s their collaboration caller “This Way” Sampler.  It was dropped a few months ago, and it’s very good follow up to her debut album 4:15.  The sampler has twelve tracks which is great, and it includes one of my favorites “He Don’t Want It”.  Best of all the sampler is FREE!!!  I can tell that I am surprised, because I really didn’t know what to expect with the inclusion of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I still picture him 20 years ago, dropping the beats on “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  Sad I know. Anyway, also check out her previous EP “Problem Woman“.  You can download the sampler here.   Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeffs "This Way" Sampler (451 downloads )

Fresh From the Fridge-Cee Lo Green- Stray Bullet’s Mixtape

In anticipation of his forthcoming album “The Lady Killer” Cee Lo Green satisfies our hunger by hitting us with this appetizer in the form of a mixtape entitled “Stray Bullets.” Listening to this album Cee Lo Green def show’s us why he cant be put in a genre box because he hits us with ever genre of music with his own crazy twist. I heard funk,  jazz, new soul, vintage soul, rock, hip hop, even alien! lol

Track #2 “You Don’t Shock Me Anymore” is my favorite track off this album. Instant vintage! That’s all I gotta say. This track has a very retro Motown feel too it. I can picture Cee Lo singing this one on the Ed Sullivan Show all suited up. It’s amazing to me how he can birth such a classic sound in the era that we live in today. Big up’s to Cee Lo for this one. If you want to listen outside the box and enjoy something new with a vintage feel that’s very out there this is the album for you.

01. Goldschläger (Produced by The Grey Area)
02. You Don’t Shock Me Anymore (Produced by The Grey Area)
03. Cho Cha the Cat (with the B-52’s) (Produced by The Teddy Bears)
04. I Like It (Produced by The Grey Area)
05. Little Black Book (Produced by The Grey Area)
06. Talking To Strangers (Produced by The Grey Area)
07. ChamPain (Produced by Doc & The Grey Area)
08. Night Train (with the Goodie Mob) (Produced by The Grey Area & Anthony Kronfle)
09. The Secret (Produced by The Grey Area)
10. Sophistic@ted B!$ch (Produced by The Grey Area)
11. I’ll Kill Her (feat. ME & LOnan the Destroyer) (Produced by ?????)
12. Is It? (Produced by The Grey Area)
13. Super Woman Theme Song (Produced by The Grey Area)
14. Night Cap Outro (One Last Shot of Goldschläger) (Produced by The Grey Area)

Download Cee-Lo Green's Stray Bullets Mixtape (599 downloads )

Enjoy the freshness and let me know what you think

-Black Milk

Tone Trezure Defines Her Talent with “My Destiny”


Today I started an unknown adventure into the quite recesses of the underground artist neighborhood.  I was beckoned by a single tweet, from FlyGirlTONE. Who is an artist name Tone Trezure.  When someone says “One of the most underrated Artists of our time”, you have to check it out.  Now, I know a few things about underrated.  Joy Denalane, Tok Tok Tok, and Avery*Sunshine are underrated.  So without a second thought I headed over to her BandCamp page to check out  her underrated talent.  On the first song “My Destiny”, mind was blown, mouth was open, and eyes widen.  Then my doubts creeped in.  The next song “You Mean” can’t offer the same flow, vibe and overall deepness like the first.  I was wrong.  All I could think of is Florida Evans, saying “Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!”.  This EP “My Destiny” has five songs that provide the heat.  This is her first EP, and now I want a whole album of this goodness.  There is no sign that this is her first release. The production is top notch.  Her voice and talent will capture you, and make you bob your head, as you listen to each whisper and softness in her voice.  Her fourth track “Don’t Hang Up The Phone” is a great example of this effect.

If you haven’t bought the EP yet, and are still reading just take a listen below. If that below can’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. :)

Geena’s LoveZone Presents: Episode 29: Janet (Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty)

Geena has dropped another episodic gem for the world.  This time she focuses her ear for great music on Janet Jackson.  She reminds of us of some Ms Jackson classics like Rhythm Nation, Miss You Much, Nasty, Let’s Wait Awhile, and many others.  You can get the full list of songs, download mixtape and enjoy the deepness of The LoveZone.  No poetic magic for this episode, but there is plenty to enjoy on her site.

Lovezone Episode 29 – Janet Jackson Pt 1

Lovezone Episode 29 – Janet Jackson Pt 2

Geena’s Lovezone Presents: Episode 28: Stevie Wonder

Everyone know how much I love a good mixtape or EP.  I’ve tried to make a collection of all gems that I found.  I was introduced in to Geena’s Lovezone.  Which has been putting together great music for the past nine years. She has been doing it for the love of the music, and then taking the time to share this love with others.  Along with the music, she also wraps your digital journey with some wonderful poetry.

Her latest creation is Episode 28: Stevie Wonder.  Within the two parts of the Stevie Wonder Tribute Mix, she has picked a great list of songs from the Soul Master.  Songs like Uptight, Part-Time Lover, All I Do, Ribbon In The Sky, Overjoyed and about twenty others.  Please check out the two mixes below and to download, hop over to her site also check out her other Episodes.  Enjoy.

Lovezone Episode 28 – Stevie Wonder Tribute Pt 1

Lovezone Episode 28 – Stevie Wonder Tribute Pt 2

Daru Jones & Kissey Asplund’s “So Good PD EP”

Daru has dropped another joint in his Rusic project.  This time he has joined forces with the lovely voice from Sweden, Kissey Asplund.  They have released the “So Good PD EP” to the world.  It is seven songs of dopeness.  Daru’s grabbing beats along with Kissey’s soft and smooth voice, just makes a great combination.  I can’t get “Sweetest Day” off repeat.  You can download it here Daru Jones Feat Kissey Asplund (299 downloads ) .

1. Rat Race “Up & Down” – 02:45

2. Sweetest Day – 04:51

3. Please – 03:40

4. No Matter What They Say – 04:01

5. So Good Pt.2 “Go-Go Mix” – 04:46

6. Lift Me High (Outake Inst) – 03:23

7. And It Looks (Outtake Inst.) – 04:25

Iman Williams Is Everywhere and Growing

Blog 1/Blog 2/Facebook 1/Facebook 2/MySpace/Twitter

I have recently had the pleasure to listen to the music of Iman Williams.  She is an artist, singer and songwriter from Alabama, California and Atlanta.  I’m still baffled at the very talented artists that I hear, that don’t get the exposure they deserve and/or desire.  Her voice just comes out of no where and captivates you.  I’m very impressed, and am now truly a fan.  Her music is one a real music lover longs for, but rarely gets.  Enough of me flapping my gums, here are some samples of her music.

“Soulmate featuring Ab” is from her last EP “The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux“, that was released in January of 2009.  This is a very amazing song, and it’s only the first song that I have heard of Iman Williams.  It starts with just her soft and yielding voice.  Then her voice invokes a strength, and with that strength you really notice the piano. As it goes on, the singer Ab joins. Their voices together made me sense flashes of Prince, but then reminded me that this is something new and unique.

Soul Mate

“Float Away featuring Porsche” is from her upcoming album “Stupid Human Trick” that is due this May.  This is very nice song, that makes me want the whole album NOW.  It has a very relaxed feel, and has the power and beat to set the mood, in any situation.  Iman Williams was very kind to share a sampler from the upcoming album.  It is available for streaming.

Float Away Feat Porsche Smith

Stupid Human Trick Sampler

Natassja Readies “Minimum” EP For Her Starchildren

Natassja has blessed us again, with music from her upcoming EP titled “Minimum”.  This is the follow up to her last project, “Flow: The Birth Of Kozmic Soul”.  I’ve just started listening to the songs from the EP here.  It’s not available for sell yet, but trust that I’ll let you know when it is.  Natassja is reaching out to her Starchildren to listen to the music before it hits the streets, and help her chose the first single.  You can let her know you choice, on her FaceBook page.  My vote for the first single is “So U“.  Her voice mixed with the guitar is perfection.

It’s Vital that You Listen


My friend and awesome artist, Natassja, let me know about a new artist Vital.  I could only find limited information on him, but what I did find was amazing.  Vital (Duranta D. Cook) is a songwriter and singer that was born in California.  As many other artists, he had his start at a young age in the church.  He has an free EP coming in early April.  Also the full length video to “Airport” will be released on April 2nd.  The video was directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya.  I love the music, and that the video is something that you don’t expect.  It was very refreshing, and pleasing that someone has some new ideas to expand the genre.  Yeah, it’s that good.  He also has a full length album that is arriving this fall.

Check out the video teaser below.  Also check out the songs from the EP, or download all five here ( Vital EP (325 downloads ) )



Going Back

Read It


(for full effect of 5.1 audio, use headphones)

Soul Bounce Presents: DJ Phaze’s Jill Scott Jawn Vol. 1

The great Soul music site, Soul Bounce and DJ Phaze have put together an awesome Jill Scott Mixtape.  Its 29 tracks of Soul goodness.  This is a great way to get you geared up for for her upcoming album “The Light Of The Sun“.  You can stream the mixtape below or download it here ( Soul Bounce Presents: DJ Phaze's Jill Scott Jawn Vol. 1 (2504 downloads ) ).

DJ Phazes Jill Scott Jawn Vol 1

1.    Jilltro
2.    Be Ready
3.    Whenever You’re Around
4.    Talk To Me
5.    Slowly
6.    Warm Up
7.    Funky For You (feat. Common and Bilal)
8.    Golden
9.    The Roots Interlude
10.    Crown
11.    Spring Summer Feeling
12.    The Way
13.    Show Me
14.    Gettin’ In The Way
15.    Do You Remember
16.    My Petition
17.    All I
18.    Not Like Crazy
19.    Not Like Crazy (Kenny Dope Remix)
20.    Cross My Mind (Ananse Remix)
21.    Wanna Be Loved (Tony Nuccio‘s Lovely Mix)
22.    Street Life (Scott Wozniak Remix)
23.    Whatever (Scott Wozniak Mix)
24.    One Time (feat. Eric Roberson)
25.    8 Minutes To Sunrise (feat. Common)
26.    Brotha
27.    Rasool
28.    It’s Love
29.    Let Me (feat. Sergio Mendes and

Mixtape Of Lizz Wright Live

I was just discussing Lizz Wright on twitter  this morning, and after doing my morning routine, I find this nugget of Lizz Wright goodness.  This is actually a combination of three live performances from around 2008.  I’ve never had the pleasure to see her live, and so far it won’t happen this year.  She released her updated tour schedule for 2010.  Anyway, this mixtape is 15 songs from the three performances.  One caveat is that, it’s all on one mp3, so no skipping from song to song.  It actually works out, and you get a great experience with since it makes you feel you are really here.

Lizz Wright Mixtape Playlist

The first four selections are from a WXPN radio broadcast of a daytime concert at the World Café in Philadelpia.
01 Band Introductions
02 “When I Fall”
03 “Thank You”
04 “Hey Mann”

Tracks five and six are from a concert in Switzerland. Marvin Sewell is featured on guitar.
05 “Blue Rose”
06 “Dreaming Wide Awake”

The last nine songs are from a October 29, 2008 concert at the Paradiso venue in Amsterdam.
07 “My Heart”
08 “Stop”
09 “Walk With Me”
10 “Hit The Ground”
11 “Leave Me Standing”
12 “Speak Your Heart”
13 “Peace Flows”
14 “Salt”
15 “MIA”

Download Live Mixtape (688 downloads )