Eric Roberson Releases ERRO The Mixtape



For the Eric Roberson fans and to music lovers that haven’t heard is music yet, there is reason to rejoice.  Today he released a the Erro Mixtape based from his his new album “Music Fan First“.  DJ Shumzs put the mixtape together, and did a pretty good job.  Visit Eric Roberson’s site to get the mixtape.  Here is a backup in case the first fails. Enjoy.


Random News Update 10/19/09

I figured out that I can’t do a full post on every little tidbit of info.  So, I’ll do these news updates to keep you abreast of the minutiae of Soul music.  Here we go.

Melanie Fiona TheBridge

Melanie Fiona has her album “The Bridge” arriving tomorrow (Tuesday October 20th, 2009) on iTunes, and the kicker is that it’s only $5.99.  At that price you have no excuse but to listen. For a sample of her music, check out the mixtape from “The Bridge”.


For the Maxwell lovers out there.  A 2nd batch of “Bad Habits” remixes are being released soon.  A 2nd batch?  Yup, the first batch was released back in September, titled “Bad Habits (The Unadulterated Remix Box)“.  To sample the 2nd batch head over to Pro Motion. I’m still looking on where to find them to purchase or download. Below are the tracks of the first set of remixes.

1. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Club Remix) 8:10
2. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Club Remix) 6:02
3. Bad Habits (Mark Alston Club Remix) 8:03
4. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Dub Remix) 8:06
5. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Dub) 6:02
6. Bad Habits ( Mark Alston Dub) 7:19
7. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Radio Edit) 4:56
8. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Radio Edit) 3:34
9. Bad Habits (Mark Alston Radio Edit) 4:42

Bad Habits (The Unadulterated Remix Box) Download

Hidden Beach Unwrapped Vol 6

Hidden Beach has released their sixth volume of the Unwrapped series, titled “Give the Drummer some!”.  It features Tony Royster, Jr among others.  To celebrate this release, they are giving away free for download the Unwrapped Mixtape. You can get it here.


I know this isn’t Soul related, but it’s well worth mentioning.  Everyone know about Jay-Z’s recent “The Blueprint 3” release.  Well… Alex Goose was on of the people to submit beats to be featured on Jay-Z’s album.  None of his beats made the cut, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fiyah. :)  he has posted those beats to the public via  Take a listen for something  different. Plus you can’t beat anything that is free.

Artist Spotlight: Chinah Blac

Chinah Blac


Spiritual.  That is the one word that describes Chinah Blac.  You should know her, since you have heard her before, but may have not been aware.  She has been singing background vocals for Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and also Dave Matthews.  It’s great to find an artist like Chinah Blac.  She just released the video “Get Away”, which is a single form her recent debut album “Introducing Eugenia Shata“.  That album debuted this past summer, to very good critical review. My review is coming this weekend.

Introducing Eugenia Shata


Chinah Blac also releasing an upcoming mixtape titled “Eargasmic”, in the upcoming weeks.  It was set to be released last month, but I guess it has been delayed a little. I really can’t wait to hear the mixtape.  I don’t know if it’s new material or samples from her current album.  The mixtape features the following artists on the mixtape, R.Devaughn, Musiq, Wes Felton, DJ Conscience and Black Ice.  It should be a very good mixtape, that should help fill the Fall slow period.



Artist Spotlight: Rafiya



Today we have an artist, that hails from Philadelphia, via the world.  Her name is Rafiya, and she brings aspects to Soul music that is very welcome.  Having lived in places such as Barbados, Congo, Benin, Cape Verde Islands, Senegal, Guinea and the Ivory Coast, she has embodied many of the sounds, vibes and rhythms of these places.  Also she has worked with those local artists and gained a vast knowledge from their collaborations. Some of the more notable artists are Youssou N’Dour and Oscar Kidjo.  To compliment these aspects, she also sings in English and French.  That’s a talent in itself that warrants a closer listen.

As an Afro-Soul singer, she has a very crisp, subtle and warm voice.  The crispness in her voice, I think, comes from her being able to perform in French and English.  That talent lends itself to a focus that is hard to learn in any situation.  In her new single “Amazing”, you will hear voice showcased, by instruments that do a great justice to her.  They allow her to be heard and the true emotion of the song brought forward.

Today she is releasing her single “Amazing”, which will be followed  by her “Amazing” EP on November 17th.  The creation of the EP was journey around the world.  She recorded in Paris, New York, Philadelphia and Maputo, Mozambique.  It has taken two years of to complete the EP.  You can expect it to have influences from each city, to make her EP a truly world experience in Soul.

Below we have a sample of Rifya’s new single “Amazing”.  Also there’s her video of the song “Je Me Cherche”.  Enjoy.



Mya Releases Beauty and the Street Mixtape Vol. 1



Mya just released her first music project under her new label Planet 9, titled “Beauty and the Street Mixtape Vol. 1”.  It has a lot of new material and she has collaborations with the likes of Bun B and Slim Thug.  Now, I know you are say “Hey how does this fit into Soulified’s normal scope?” Well…. since a few artists are coming back on the scene after a long absence, I thought I would cover Mya’s return also.  Mya really hasn’t been absent from the music scene, because she released “Sugar & Spice” last year in Japan.  She left Motown and worked with Manhattan Records to release that album.

After researching for this post, I found some information about Mya.  That she is really business minded and has some great reasons for leaving Motown.  A lot of it is detailed in a great interview from RollingOut.

Below is her latest video with Bun B in her song “Show Me Something”  The mixtape is available from iTunes,  and Amazon.


Marsha Ambrosius releases her “The Best Of” Mixtape Vol. 1

Marsha Ambrosius


Marsha Ambrosius, formally from the group Floetry, has released another mixtape.  It’s titled Marsha Ambrosius The Best Of Mixtape Vol. 1..  I love the chance to hear an artist, and get it for free.  That actually enables me to buy more music from that artist, without fear.  I think more artists are getting that message.  Or at least they are releasing EPs.  Anyway, thanks to HoneySoul for the heads up. Marsha says on her MySpace page, that her debut album is on the way.  So, here’s hoping that it’s sooner than later.

Marsha Ambrosius


If you enjoy that mixtape, I found her previous mixtape as a bonus.  Enjoy.



Mixtape: Ear Candy Chronicles Volume Two & One



This has been a good few days for mixtapes. While I was looking at Eric Roberson’s page, I stumbled upon Ear Candy Chronicles Volume Two.  It’s from a Briclyn Ent., Gypsy Soul and DJ Phaze. After listening to it, while I ran my errands, I was amazed on the quality and the talent contained on the mixtape.  I only knew of a couple of the artists on the mixtape, but the artists they were new to me, have me on a hunt for more.   Check it out.  Also as a bonus, I have Volume one.


Continue reading “Mixtape: Ear Candy Chronicles Volume Two & One” »

A Soul Fan’s Mixtape Heaven

Melanie Fiona


Ok, I’ve never heard of Melanie Fiona, but what I have head so far, I do like.  She has her debut album “The Bridge“, that’s being released September 22nd.  To satisfy your hunger, she has released a live session of her and the Quest Love.

The Bridge




When you mention Bilal, the next thing you hear is “Where is he?”  Well… he has released a mixtape titled “The Return Of Mister Wonderful”.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to this mixtape yet, but I hope it’s a new trend of him making more material. Unlike most mixtapes, it’s not free.  This mixtape contains unreleased Bilal music, so it is sure to be a treat for a fan. It’s $15.00 through the link below at a 3rd party site.

The Return Of Mister Wonderful

Click to Buy



Our final mixtape for the day is from Amerie.  This mixtape is a gathering of some of her best hits, from the past, with a couple of new songs.  It’s a prelude to her new album “In Love & War” thats to be released September 29th.  If you want to check our her past three albums, they are “All I Have” (2002), “Touch” (2005), and “Because I Love It” (2007).  Now for this mixtape, there isn’t any album cover or art.  You can download it below.


Raheem Devaughn releases Art of Noise Mixtape

Art Of Noise

Website Myspace FaceBook Twitter Youtube

Raheem Devaughn has done it, as he said he would.  He released the new 19 track mixtape “Art of Noise” on June 15th.  This is a prelude to his upcoming album this fall, “Love and War Masterpiece”.  As the King of Soul Mixtapes, he truly believes in giving fan what they want, music.  Along with releasing the new mixtape, he also announced his entry on to Twitter, and new collaboration site for 368 Music Group, with the artists Philade and Dre The Mayor.

To download  the mixtape go to 368 Music Group to enter email address, to receive the downlink. After you download, come back and tell us what you think.

Raheem Devaughn to release new mixtape

Raheem Devaughn

His supreme Soulness, has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape June 15th.  It is titled “The Art Of Noise”, and will be a free download.  If you are new to Raheem Devaughn, he has a very strong love of mixtapes.  To my knowledge he has eight mixtapes that he is featured.  All of his mixtapes are listed below.  To celebrate his release of a new mixtape, I’m posting The Street Experience Vol 1 – 5.  Once you listen to the mixtapes, you will be very impressed.  You will find yourself asking what rock you were living under, that you didn’t haven’t heard these sooner.  Enjoy.

1. “The Healing – Daily Dosage” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2002)

2. “The Antidote – The Healing Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2003)

3. “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

4. “The Street Experience – Volume 1” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

5. “The Street Experience – Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

6. “The Street Experience – Volume 3” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

7. “The Street Experience – Volume 4” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2006)

8. “The Street Experience – Volume 5” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2007)

9. “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2005)

Thanks for HoneySoul for the heads up on the new Mixtape.

UPDATE (5-21-09): Fixed Vol. 5 Link. Thanks, Dave.

UPDATE (6-17-09): Found three more mixtapes on the list. “The Healing”, “The Antidote”, and “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” are now clickable links.  If anyone has “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” Let me know.  That’s the only one missing.

Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?

Lauryn Hill

Ok, This really isn’t an album. It’s collection of songs that, many I haven’t heard. Some may be from that album that was never released in 2004, but we have no way of knowing. If you’re asking about that cover art, it was created by GlueKit, by the request of Vibe Magazine for an article. The article was about 51 Albums that never Were. So, what’s the history behind the Khulami Phase album?  All I know is that, she was working on it during 2004, and to be released in December of that year.  That is also the same time that they spoke of a Fugee Reunion.  I’m stilling hoping for a 3rd labum to be released by Ms. Lauryn, and a Fugee’s Reunion.  You can download the album here. Enjoy. Continue reading “Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?” »

D’Angelo, Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq Together in Lynwood Rose Mixtape

May Is turning out to be a great month for music. I was going to go to bed, but I saw this and just had to post it.  To have D’Angelo, Q-Tip and Raphael Saadiq on the same album has to be great. From the info that I found, is that this is a sample of the album that they are working on. You can download the album here or click the album cover on the sidebar to the right.  While you are there, check out the other mixtapes or EP’s there..  Let me know what you think.

Track Listing

01. Q-Tip, D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Lynwood Rose Intro

02. D’Angelo & Q-Tip – Believe

03. Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip – We Fight/Love

04. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Get Involved

05. Q-Tip – Shine All Day

06. D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Be Here

07. D’Angelo – Found My Smile Again

08. Q-Tip – Dance On Glass

09. Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray

10. D’Angelo – Really Love

11. Raphael Saadiq – Make My Day

12. Q-Tip – Lyrics From The Abstract (TDMG Mix)

13. D’Angelo – The Line

14. Raphael Saadiq – Lift The People

15. D’Angelo – A Capella Interlude

16. Q-Tip – Sand Castle Disco

17. Raphael Saadiq- – We Get Down

18. Q-Tip – Midnight Marauders 2008

19. D’Angelo – So Far To Go

20. Raphael Saadiq – A Capella Intermission

21. D’Angelo – Bullshit

22. Q-Tip – Request

23. Raphael Saadiq – Just A Man

24. D’Angelo – Imagine

25. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Stressed Out (Saadiq Mix)

26. D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie

27. Raphael Saadiq – AOL Freestyle

28. D’Angelo – Tell Me

29. Raphael Saadiq & D’Angelo – Exclusive Outro