Hil St Soul’s Release

Hil St Soul

This album represents one of the issues, that limits the fans from being aware of new music.  One of my favorite UK groups Hil St. Soul, has a new album coming out June 1st.  It has some new material mixed in with some older songs.  Now I found this album only listed at one of the places that I trust, and that was at Amazon UK.  It wasn’t listed on the artist’s MySpace page, or even their record company’s site.  Now if you do a google search, you get tons of pirate links for this album.  It’s just backwards.  Anyway, I can’t wait to gear the new music, since their last release, Black Rose.

Track Listing

1. Release

2. Hey Boy

3. Don’t Forget The Ghetto

4. Life

5. Smile

6. Pieces

7. Wash Away

8. It’s OK

9. Until You Come Back To Me

10. Sweetest Days

11. All That (And A Bag Of Chips)

12. For Your Love

13. Baby Come Over – Hil St. Soul & Dwele

14. Broken Again

15. We Don’t Talk

16. Goodbye

Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?

Lauryn Hill

Ok, This really isn’t an album. It’s collection of songs that, many I haven’t heard. Some may be from that album that was never released in 2004, but we have no way of knowing. If you’re asking about that cover art, it was created by GlueKit, by the request of Vibe Magazine for an article. The article was about 51 Albums that never Were. So, what’s the history behind the Khulami Phase album?  All I know is that, she was working on it during 2004, and to be released in December of that year.  That is also the same time that they spoke of a Fugee Reunion.  I’m stilling hoping for a 3rd labum to be released by Ms. Lauryn, and a Fugee’s Reunion.  You can download the album here. Enjoy. Continue reading “Khulami Phase, Lauryn Hill’s Unreleased album?” »

D’Angelo, Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq Together in Lynwood Rose Mixtape

May Is turning out to be a great month for music. I was going to go to bed, but I saw this and just had to post it.  To have D’Angelo, Q-Tip and Raphael Saadiq on the same album has to be great. From the info that I found, is that this is a sample of the album that they are working on. You can download the album here or click the album cover on the sidebar to the right.  While you are there, check out the other mixtapes or EP’s there..  Let me know what you think.

Track Listing

01. Q-Tip, D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Lynwood Rose Intro

02. D’Angelo & Q-Tip – Believe

03. Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip – We Fight/Love

04. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Get Involved

05. Q-Tip – Shine All Day

06. D’Angelo & Raphael Saadiq – Be Here

07. D’Angelo – Found My Smile Again

08. Q-Tip – Dance On Glass

09. Raphael Saadiq – Still Ray

10. D’Angelo – Really Love

11. Raphael Saadiq – Make My Day

12. Q-Tip – Lyrics From The Abstract (TDMG Mix)

13. D’Angelo – The Line

14. Raphael Saadiq – Lift The People

15. D’Angelo – A Capella Interlude

16. Q-Tip – Sand Castle Disco

17. Raphael Saadiq- – We Get Down

18. Q-Tip – Midnight Marauders 2008

19. D’Angelo – So Far To Go

20. Raphael Saadiq – A Capella Intermission

21. D’Angelo – Bullshit

22. Q-Tip – Request

23. Raphael Saadiq – Just A Man

24. D’Angelo – Imagine

25. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq – Stressed Out (Saadiq Mix)

26. D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie

27. Raphael Saadiq – AOL Freestyle

28. D’Angelo – Tell Me

29. Raphael Saadiq & D’Angelo – Exclusive Outro



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Good afternoon.  My eyes and ears have been opened this day to the soothing voice of Oceana.  With a heavy influence from the great Maceo Parker, she brings a fresh sound to this genre.  Her voice is heavy with a subdued emotion, and feeling that adds many nuances to her music. Her debut album Love Supply was just released on April 30th.  You can pick it up here.

From what I have heard so far, the song Cry Cry (video below) is great.  It’s her first single from the album, and her first video also.  She has a lot of live videos on her YouTube channel.  It’s like she just came onto the scene and knocking them dead.


Chrisette Michele’s Epiphany for $2.99!!!!!

Chrisette Michele

Morning.  Was doing my morning Soul searching, and came across this great deal. You can get Chrisette Michele’s new album Epiphany. It’s a DRM free download from Amazon. This touches on what I said yesterday about more and more artists being independent from the large music companies, and which lets the fan/customer benefit. Well… don’t delay and get your copy. I picked up mine a few minutes ago.  You can sample the album below. FYI, make sure you purchase the album from the link above. Since the preview only shows the per song price.


Thanks to HoneySoul for the info.  If they aren’t in your daily rotation of sites to frequent, they should be.  Plus, I don’t think they sleep.

Muhsinah…. A quite strength


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There isn’t a way to describe Muhsinah.  I learned about her, when I was posting over at Brown Sugar.  She has a very different style, complex style that takes a good ear to really appreciate, and understand.  Once you get it, you’re hooked.  Then you find out that she has been making music for a few years, and a few albums under her belt.  In 2005, she released The Oscillations EP. Then in 2007 she released day.break. In 2008 she really exploded with her releases.  pre.lude, day.break 2.0, The Oscillations:Sine, and The Oscillations: Triangle. This year she released The Oscillations: 2XLP, which is a compilation of the previous two  The Oscillations albums.  A good portion of her albums are mp3 format only, so, iTunes and Amazon has them available to purchase.

Learning more about her, and her music you see something that is becoming very common on the web.  That common item is the absence of big music companies influence.  She is a model of an independent artist.  Her site is very professional, and feature rich.  She can release EP and singles as she pleases.  Also she can connect directly and often to her fans, and offer freebies.  This is something that I am very excited about for future artists arriving in the Soul music genre.  This is all extra, in addition to her great talent.  This is something that not all artists can do.  Just imagine if Sade had a site and fan connectivity like Muhsinah?  I’m very glad the music industry hasn’t caught up to the times.  It gives the fans a really chance to enjoy, and be apart of the music that we all love. Other artists that have similar independence are Ayah, and Amanda Diva.

Oh, you know that great song Daykeeper from Foreign Exchange?  She is on that also.  Download it free here.

Summer Concerts in Memphis

It looks like Memphis will have a much better summer concert turnout, compared to last year.  With Memphis it has become harder and harder to really grab the headliners, or even leseer known artists.  So, to make sure that we don’t miss the good shows, I have compiled a list of the shows that I am currently aware of.  If you know of any that I am missing, please let me know and I’ll update the list.  I’m also working on a interactive calendar that will work a lot better.  It looks like India Arie, Anthony David w/ Musiq Soulchild, John Legend, and Anthony David w/ N’Dambi.  So far so good.

India Arie

India Arie (Buy TIckets)

Place: Orpheum Theatre Memphis

Date/Time: Sun, May 24, 2009 08:00 PM

Anthony David

Anthony Hamilton & Musiq Soulchild (Buy TIckets)

Place: Desoto County Civic Center

Date/Time: Sat, May 30, 2009 08:00 PM

John Legend

John Legend (Buy TIckets)

Place: Harrah’s Casino Tunica Event Center

Date/Time: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 07:30 PM


N’Dambi & Anthony David (Buy TIckets)

Place: Minglewood Hall

Date/Time: Sat, June 27th, 2009 08:00 PM

Memphis Soul Lovers, you have a voice

Mix And Mingle

Good afternoon. Wifey, just made me aware of a chance to vote on who Mix and Mingle will have in their next show. Just click the link and vote for one of the five artists. The voting ends May 4th Monday. The artists that you have a choice of, are Anthony David, Kem, Tamia, Rachelle Farrell, and George Benson. So click, and vote for who you desire.

Upcoming album releases…. Get Ready

Here are some of the albums that I am really looking forward this spring and summer. Which ones are you looking forward to being released?

To Whom It May Concern

Choklate – To Whom It May Concern: May 9th, 2009. She is one of my favorite artist from 2007. I was just entranced by her voice. I was very happy when she announced that she had a new album coming May 9th, 2009.

Black Summers Night

Maxwell – BlackSummersNight: July 7th, 2009. Maxwell is saying its the first in a trilogy of albums to be released. I don’t know how much time will be between the three albums, but let’s hope it’s not as long as hit last album, and this one. Yesterday he posted a a song from the new album, Prettywings. I can’t find the link, but I’m glad i snagged it before it was gone. Click here to get it.

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Jill Scott’s brings forth joy

Jill Scott

Yesterday at 4:20pm, Jill Scott and John Roberts were blessed with the arrival of Jett Hamilton Roberts. A baby boy weighing 7lbs, 8ozs. This is Jill Scott’s first child who is 36. Join me in congratulating them on this happiness.

Ayah release Debut album 4:15 today

Ayah 4:15 Debut album

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Just found out about this artist, Ayah.  Today she released her debut album “4:15”.  From the music that I have heard, I would say it’s like an upbeat smoothness.  Reminds me a little of Joy Denalane.  Her album is available on her site today on CD.  It will be released on iTunes on June 9th of this year.  While I was getting to know more about Ayah, I found that she released a mixtape called “Problem Woman Mixtape”.  You can go to her MySpace page and download the mixtape, and that should hold you till your album arrives.  I know it’s going to kill me to wait for this CD in the mail.  My last thing I ordered from the UK took two months to get here.  Oh, I’ve attached two of her videos below, Believe and Pusha Man.  Also, she also has a 4:15 Album Release Celebration.  Details are below.  I wish I could attend.

Date – Saturday, April 18th / 2009 (10pm)
Location – Toika Lounge (471 Richmond St. W)
City/Town – Toronto
Cover – $10
Dresscode – Be Your Sexy Self!

Facebook Event Link – [ Click Here ]
Contact Email – [email protected]
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For only 951 Prince fans, the Prince Opus

The Prince Opus Case

You have to ask yourself a question. Are you a true Prince fan that you think you are?  This is the test right here. Prince has released The Prince Opus.  It’s a 280 page book that is 13″ x 20″, that weighs 38lbs.  It’s leather hand bound, with it’s own velvet case.  To add to the decadence, each page is printed in a four color process, plus metallic gold on silk.  It’s a photo book of Prince’s 21 Nights tour, and also includes a numbered and limited edition Apple iPod 2nd Gen Touch.  The purple iPod Touch has 40 minute movie from that same tour, and bonus tracks.  There will only be 950 of these available.  The price for this item?  Oh, only $2,100 USD.  If you have some extra money around, just go ahead and get me one too. Continue reading “For only 951 Prince fans, the Prince Opus” »

Natalie Gardiner, the Fix you didn’t know you needed

Natalie Gardiner

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You know how you try some new food dish, and wonder how you have lived without it?  That is Natalie Gardiner.  Before last month, I had never heard of her or her two albums.  Sad, I know.  Well… now that I know about her, everything is right in the world.  Normally when I find a new (to me) artist, I liten to the most recent album, and work backwards.  That’s one of the benefits of finding unknown artists. Natalie’s most recent album is California, which has a Sade-esque feel to it, but a little more subdued vibe to it.  It flows along, with not a single bump, and it’s a wonderful ride.  her debut self titled album, Natalie Gardiner has more diversity in the styles displayed on the album.  It still has a subdued tone to it.  My favorite song on California, is “Slowly Softly”, which the video is below.  On her debut album Natalie Gardiner, it’s “Now I got Worry”.

Media: Video of “Slowly Softly”, Video of Live Stockholm performance, Preview of songs from both albums Continue reading “Natalie Gardiner, the Fix you didn’t know you needed” »

Double the Contest, Double the Goodness

CelebrateWell… I’ve finally getting these contests going.  The site is finally done, and time to celebrate.  Ok, here is the deal.  There are two contests, since there are two parts of Soulified, so double the goodness.

Music Contest

  • For the music lovers, there are two chances to win.
  • The prize is a copy of Prince’s new three album set (Lotusflow3r, MPLSound, and Elixir), that was released a week ago.
  • Just be the 25th or 50th person to register and post a comment saying “music” to this article.

Food Contest

  • For the food lovers, there is only one chance to win.
  • The prize is a set of four Urban Accents spices.  They include Sonoma Pepper, Marrakesh Za’tar, and  Mozambique Peri Peri,
  • Just be the 25th person to register and post a comment saying “food” to this article.

Soul Unsigned Collection

Soul Unsigned

Spent some time up late surfing, and came across this great collection of music at Soul Unsigned.  It’s a website that has Soul artists that have not signed with any record labels, yet.  Based on their talent and the Soul Unsigned Vol. 1, Soul Unsigned EP 001, and Soul Unsigned EP 002 they won’t be unsigned for long.  I was really surprised by the over all cohesiveness of the this collection of music.  They first released EP 001, then EP 002, and most recently Soul Unsigned Vol. 1. In late April they will be releasing Soul Unsigned Vol. 2.
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