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A Post without Image

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Sade blessing us with new release?

Update (2-10-2010): For all Sade news click here.


Good morning. This is has been on my mind. Last Friday Soulbounce broke news of a letter from Maxwell to his fans. In this letter he asks his fans to buy Prince’s upcoming three album set, that’s being released March 29th @ Target. Also he mentions to buy Sade’s upcoming album. Before this, there wasn’t a mention or even a whisper about a new album. Now for the info.

  • There have been reports that Sony Music has confirmed this upcoming album, but there hasn’t been any links provided.
  • On January 16th, Sade turned 50!!!!! I can’t even picture this woman with a single gray hair or wrinkle. She just exudes a timeless beauty.
  • It has been 25 years since her debut album, Smooth Operator. I was 12 when I fell in love with her music.
  • Sade’s last release was Lovers Rock in 2000. So it will be 9 years between albums.
  • Even though she hasn’t released an album recently, her band started a group called Sweetback, and has two albums out.

In the past 25 years, Sade has made such an impact on Soul & R&B music.  You couldn’t listen to a”Quite Storm” session on the radio without hearing at least one song from her.  When you were setting the mood, in the 80’s you knew any one of her albums would seal the deal.  Even one of Prince’s upcoming album is going after that Sade sound.  Prince said, “We got sick of waiting for Sade to make a new album,” adding, “This music is nasty, but it’s not dirty.”

Check back for more updates.  As soon as I hear it, I’ll post it up.  Thanks.

The Dog Years… Not Your Father’s Comic

The Dog Years

Sorry for the long delay in posting, but I had some professional and personal projects that needed addressing. Most importantly my relaxation.  In my time off, I had the great pleasure of reading a web comic, by A. Roberts, called The Dog Years.  It’s well written, and illustrated in such away that adds more depth and personality to each character and the entire comic. So far there are five issues of the comic (waiting for issue #6 to drop), that details a events of Trey and Jalissa. They are a young Black couple that goes through the normal happenings of love, but their intentions get twisted by each others friends.  With each issue you are drawn in to the story of these two, and one aspect that I enjoy, is that their friend’s characters also get developed.  Also, since this is based on a young couple in today’s world, it can be a little grown in content sometimes, but it doesn’t do it just because it can.  That’s another sign of the good writing which is very hard to find in other comics in this genre.
Issue# 2Issue# 3
Issue# 4Issue# 5

You’re going to enjoy each issue, and going to keep refreshing the site to see when the next issue is released.  While you’re on the site, check out the forums to interact with other fans of the comic.  Also if you are really a fan of the artwork, and appreciate having some of it in your home, they have various pieces for you to buy in “The Art Shop”. I’m eyeing the “B-Boxes” myself.  Reviewing a comic isn’t something that I had planned for this blog, but this comic is based on the environment that gives birth and meaning to the Soul music and food, that we so enjoy.  Stop by the site, grab a piece of cheese cake, and read the entire series.  You’ll come away with a greater appreciation for “grown folks comics”, and satisfied sweet tooth.  Enjoy.

Work in Progress

As you may have noticed that, there are some changes going on with the layout. Please excuse the blog while I try to improve it. Plus being in the country with no reliable Internet also hurts my work on the blog. This post was types on my iPhone via the Edge network. Sad I know.

Updating and Real Life

Good evening people.  Been busy with life and trying understand this blogging thing.  It’s not easy trying to work 10 to 14 hours sometimes, in the casino industry.  The blogging that doesn’t generate income (yet), gets pushed to the side.  Now with my new available time, I’m able to work on this blog a bit more.  A new goal of mine is to generate about $3,000 a month income.  Looking at a few possibilities. Anyway, back to the food.  Shortly I am putting my famous Secret Ingredient Cheesecake, out for everyone to sample.  If you try it, please let us hear how it worked out for you.  Thanks.