Iman Williams Is Everywhere and Growing

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I have recently had the pleasure to listen to the music of Iman Williams.  She is an artist, singer and songwriter from Alabama, California and Atlanta.  I’m still baffled at the very talented artists that I hear, that don’t get the exposure they deserve and/or desire.  Her voice just comes out of no where and captivates you.  I’m very impressed, and am now truly a fan.  Her music is one a real music lover longs for, but rarely gets.  Enough of me flapping my gums, here are some samples of her music.

“Soulmate featuring Ab” is from her last EP “The Long Journey Back to Reality Pt. Deux“, that was released in January of 2009.  This is a very amazing song, and it’s only the first song that I have heard of Iman Williams.  It starts with just her soft and yielding voice.  Then her voice invokes a strength, and with that strength you really notice the piano. As it goes on, the singer Ab joins. Their voices together made me sense flashes of Prince, but then reminded me that this is something new and unique.

Soul Mate

“Float Away featuring Porsche” is from her upcoming album “Stupid Human Trick” that is due this May.  This is very nice song, that makes me want the whole album NOW.  It has a very relaxed feel, and has the power and beat to set the mood, in any situation.  Iman Williams was very kind to share a sampler from the upcoming album.  It is available for streaming.

Float Away Feat Porsche Smith

Stupid Human Trick Sampler

Yahzarah asks “Why Dontcha Call No More”

Yahzarah has released the first single “Why Dontcha Call No More”, from her upcoming album “The Ballad Of Purple Of St. James“. The album will be released on May 4th. This album is seems it’s like a rising of a phoenix. It started with her EP, “The Prelude” that she released in 2008. It was the catalyst of the fire., that set it apart from her previous two albums. The upcoming album which was made in collaboration with Foreign Exchange Music, will be the gasoline on that fire. Check out the single, which reminds me a little of the spirit of Prince’s “How Come U Don’t Call My Anymore”.

Why Dontcha Call me No More

Download Why Dontcha Call Me No (469 downloads )

N’Dambi At “Pink Elephant” Album Signing Tomorrow

Good news, Memphis N’Dambi fans are in for a treat tomorrow.  She is in town for the “Pink Elephant” album signing.  It’s at the Stax Museum lobby, Thursday March 4th, between 5pm to 6pm.  Also if you don’t have a CD copy of her latest album, you can pick up a copy in the Museum Gift Shop.  Also she will be performing at the Rumba Room at 8pm that same evening.  I’ll see you there.

[Update] Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” and “New Amerykah Part Two” Album

Unless you have been like me, under a rock for the past month, you have heard about Erykah Badu’s upcoming album “New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh” and her new single “Window Seat”.  The album will be released March 30th, 2010 A.D.  I do believe this will be a great follow up to her previous album.  To help promote the upcoming album, she is performing tonight (Wednesday March 3rd) on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Hopefully I will have the video up in the morning.  Take a listen to the single below, and tell us what you think.

Window Seat


Here is the video of the Jimmy Fallon performance last night.


Sade On April Ebony Magazine Cover

Returning from her hiatus, and making all her media rounds, Sade will appear on the April cover of Ebony magazine.  In the issue she discusses her ten year gap between albums, her daughter, and relationships.  The issue hits new-stands next week on March 9th.    Below is a snippet of the article.

With her highly anticipated album, Soldier of Love, recently topping the charts, Nigerian-born singer Sade, has definitely made the 10-year wait worthwhile. But, what has she been up to during this mysterious hiatus? The notoriously private superstar gave Ebony an exclusive peek into her world outside of the studio. “I’ve had my ups and downs in the years between these albums, said Sade. “That’s partly why I’m able to write songs that people in some way can hear. I express feelings, real feelings.”

[Updated] Jazz in the Gardens Brings the Heat to Miami + Win Free Tickets


I just found a reason to squeeze a weekend trip to Miami, and a chance for you to WIN tickets.  Jazz In The Gardens is having their fifth annual concert March 20th and 21st, and the line up has something to offer everyone.  You have Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Melanie Fiona for the soul lovers. Then you have K’Jon, Robin Thicke, Teena Marie and Boyz II Men for the R & B crowd. For the Jazz lovers, the line up is David Sanborn, Cassandra Wilson and Joe Sample.  To make it even better, it’s hosted by Tom Joyner and his crew.  Now tickets are $45 – $70 for a one day pass, and they range from $75 to $125 for the two day pass.  Tickets are available via TicketMaster.

This concert series shows the on going work of the City Of Miami Gardens,  Saunders Entertainment Group and Circle Of One Marketing and Concertz Entertainment to put on a note worthy event.  Here is what Leon Saunders from Saunders Entertainment Group had to say about this endeavor. “Jazz in the Gardens” is the brainchild of Mayor Shirley Gibson, under whose leadership the City of Miami Gardens has experienced tremendous growth and progress. Her motivation for creating the music festival was to help revitalize the city and brand it as a place where people can come and enjoy all the wonderful things that Miami Gardens and South Florida has to offer. We had a four-year plan to establish the event and we are proud of the fact that in that time the Saunders Entertainment Group together with Circle of One Marketing and Concertz Entertainment has grown the event from 1,800 attendees to nearly 40,000. It has been very satisfying to see this event continue to grow in a time when other events like it around the country are being canceled for lack of support. We have a simple formula that has been very successful; we give a lot for a little. We realize that even when times are hard, people still need entertainment and Jazz in the Gardens is a fun party environment.”

Now for the info on winning the tickets.  This is a great concert series in a wonderful part of Florida, so why not give a way (two) Two Day Pass tickets.  It’s real easy to enter the contest. Just post a comment here, on how you would enjoy the weekend in Miami.  The person with the best description of that weekend wins.  Then on February 1st, the winner will be announced.  It’s that easy.  If the airlines act right  you may even see us down there. :)

[Update 2-1-2010] We have a winner. Mia Allen is the winner of the Jazz In The Gardens Contest.  Thank you MiaAllen for for entering, and being a frequent reader of Soulified.  Please email your address, so the we can send out the tickets. Please be on the look out for future contests.

Sade’s “Soldier Of Love” Tracklisting



Just a quick update.  The track listing for Sade’s album was leaked  I don’t know how, or if its a big deal.  I do know that I need that CD in my hand now.  Why make use wait?  We’ve waited for 9 years.  Anyway, we have two weeks till the day.  While you wait, check out some Sade compilations.

1. The Moon And The Sky
2. Soldier Of Love
3. Morning Bird
4. Baby Father
5. Long Hard Road
6. Be That Easy
7. Bring Me Home
8. In Another Time
9. Skin
10. The Safest Place

L’Renee Offering Her Music To You For The New Year


L’Renee has announced that starting January 1st to the 31st, she will give fans a great opportunity to get five her albums.  She will allow fans to purchase any of her five albums, for any price.  Even at the awesome price of FREE!!!!  You may be asking who is L’Renee?  She is a very talented artist from Detroit, MI and is a poster child for the new blueprint, on how to promote your music and do it all yourself. Check out my Artist Spotlight I did this a past summer.

Artist Spotlight: Rafiya



Today we have an artist, that hails from Philadelphia, via the world.  Her name is Rafiya, and she brings aspects to Soul music that is very welcome.  Having lived in places such as Barbados, Congo, Benin, Cape Verde Islands, Senegal, Guinea and the Ivory Coast, she has embodied many of the sounds, vibes and rhythms of these places.  Also she has worked with those local artists and gained a vast knowledge from their collaborations. Some of the more notable artists are Youssou N’Dour and Oscar Kidjo.  To compliment these aspects, she also sings in English and French.  That’s a talent in itself that warrants a closer listen.

As an Afro-Soul singer, she has a very crisp, subtle and warm voice.  The crispness in her voice, I think, comes from her being able to perform in French and English.  That talent lends itself to a focus that is hard to learn in any situation.  In her new single “Amazing”, you will hear voice showcased, by instruments that do a great justice to her.  They allow her to be heard and the true emotion of the song brought forward.

Today she is releasing her single “Amazing”, which will be followed  by her “Amazing” EP on November 17th.  The creation of the EP was journey around the world.  She recorded in Paris, New York, Philadelphia and Maputo, Mozambique.  It has taken two years of to complete the EP.  You can expect it to have influences from each city, to make her EP a truly world experience in Soul.

Below we have a sample of Rifya’s new single “Amazing”.  Also there’s her video of the song “Je Me Cherche”.  Enjoy.