Joss Stone Releases Water for the Soul (streamable now)

One of my favorite English Soul singers has released her seventh album, titled “Water for the Soul”.  This album has a definite Reggae vibe and thats due in part to Damian Marley helping produce the album. The album will be available on Friday July 31st, but is available to stream on YouTube now.

Prince Releases Video for song “Baltimore”

The video for the single “Baltimore” was posted on Prince’s twitter account @Prince3EG. It’s powerful song that was released in May, before the tribute concert “Rally 4 Peace”, and is dedicated to the protests that followed the death of Freddie Gray.

Soulified: State of the Site

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing the site back to regular updates. It will be a more streamlined and simplified layout. Still no ads, and the focus is mostly on those new artists that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve.

I’ll also be doing pieces on the genre and certain aspects of technology and how it affects the music. You really don’t see music sites, giving information on what streaming service might be best for you, or who has the best collection of music you like on that service.  Like for example, do you still buy your favorite artist music if are paying for a streaming service?  Are you a streaming only music lover, or do you have a deep catalog of bought music?

Tess Henley Releases Wonderland Video

Tess Henley has released the video for her single Wonderland, her same titled EP. Very refreshing and perfect for this lazy Sunday.