Fonzworth Bently feat Anthony Hamilton- Greener (video)

Here’s the new single/ video from Fonzworth Bently featuring one of my favorite soul artist Anthony Hamilton. At first glance of the title and feature I was expecting this song and video to be super dope as was his first video Everybody featuring Andre 3000, Kanye West, and Sa Ra…



It saddens me to say this but this single and video is straight garbage. From the location of the video, the wardrobe, production, and hook everything is just horrible. Bently to me has always been a trendsetting cat that has his own style, swag, and persona but in this video it feels like he’s trying way to hard and even posing. Right when I saw the windmills I immediately knew where this video was filmed which is the Cabazon area right off the 10 free on the outskirts of Palm Springs. That’s my hood yall and I can tell you from living there damn there all my life that there is hardly anything GREEN out there and  it gets about 115 degree’s e and dude is straight dancing and rapping in a leather hoody, a velvet jacket with a bow tie, and I don’t even know what that red thing is he rockin. lol This is probably the main reason Anthony Hamilton passed on being in the video. Brotha’s got some damn sense the video doesn’t make any of that.

Ok Bently your out in the desert by the windmill’s wearing clothes that are going to give you a damn heat stroke with no story line and no destination with a few models in courture randomly placed behind you in heels walking in the sand. I swear if I didn’t see this video featured on BET’s 106 and Park I would of thought this was a Dave Chappelle or Saturday Night Live spoof with as cheap and funny it is. lol



Thanks for the laugh Fonzworth

Black Milk

El Debarge + BET Awards= One Hell of a Performance

For those that missed the BET Awards I had to hot yall with the El Debarge surprise performance! Dude killed it! I swear I was immediately taken back to one of my favorite movie’s “The Last Dragon” starring Bruce Lee Roy and Show Nuff watching this great performance. What’s funny is right as the light come on and he starts to sing you feel the crowd askin, “Who the hell is this?” Then you slowly start hearing the cheers and applause as they’re being recognized who it was. I swear dude hasn’t aged a bit! And his hair cut was clean as hell. He definitely used a full bottle of Pink Oil Moisturizer that night! hahaha  Enjoy yall…


-Black Milk

Fresh from the Fridge- Dwele- W.ants W.orld W.omen Mixtape

Yes yes yall! Here’s a nice little appetizer to get us all by till  Dwele drop’s the real deal on the 29th of this month! On the first track Dwele starts out with a personal clip of an interview he did discussing how he got started and motivated to continue and the interview clips continue 3 more times throughout the mixtape and are all very interesting to hear. The mixtape contains 3 of the 16 tracks that are on the official album which are What’s Not to Love, How I DealYoutube version” and My People. Aside from the W.W.W. there’s an exclusive live version of Angel, an interpretation of English pop rock duo’s Fears For Tear’s hit single Everybody Wants To Rule the World, a few older exclusive’s that I’ve never even heard, and the dope tribute Dwele did for Michael Jackson where he performed a very memorable MJ track recording each instrument piece by piece with his sampler from start to finish. You have to see it to believe it! True talent right there!


This mixtape is all around a well put together album and will totally satisfy your Dwele craving’s till the 29th and I went ahead and added three Black Milk Bonus Tracks to the mixtape that I made available for download in a couple of past post this month.

01. Interlude/ Lady Love
02. Love
03. Angel (Live)
04. Everybody Wants To Rule the World
05. Interlude2/ My People
06. Move On Up
07. How I Deal
08. Interlude 3/ Baby Come Over
09. Rockin You Eternally feat Leo
10. Interlude 4/ What’s Not to Love
11. A Tribute to MJ
12. I Wish (Black Milk Bonus Track)
13 Power (Black Milk Bonus Track)
14. I Think I Love You (Remix) (Black Milk Bonus Track)

Download [Download not found]

Enjoy the freshness

-Black Milk

Russell Taylor Drops “1 U Run 2” Video


This afternoon I was introduced to Russell Taylor.  A soul singer who just dropped his 2nd video from his recent album “Confessional“.  Confessional is his 2nd album, after his critically acclaimed debut album “Somewhere In Between“.  With this 2nd album he is coming into his own, and shows that in the video “1 U Run 2” featuring the wonderful Lalah Hathaway.  On a side note Lalah has been burning it up with duets and the accompanying videos.  Do you remember her and Eric Roberson?  Anyway, I think that you will enjoy this song.  I haven’t gotten the album, but I should have it shortly to give a review.

Fresh from the Fridge- The Roots featuring John Legend- Doin It Again

The baddest band in all the land are back with they’re forthcoming album “How I Got Over” set for release this month on the 22nd. And who better to hire for some smooth soulful vocal’s then the talent of John Legend. Today I’m blessing your ears with one of two feature’s John Legend is featured on entitled “Doin It Again.” If the title and lyrics on the track sound familiar it’s because they’re sampled from John’s “Again” track of his sophomore album “Once Again.”

Before you play this track be warned that it is straight FIYAH!!!!!! I swear it made my eye’s water. The beat is heat, Black Thought’s lyrics are on point as usual and I love how they sampled a live version of “Again” as opposed to the studio version because it flows perfect with the Roots live sound.

Here’s a great live video of spotlight sample I’m talking about…


And to all my Root’s fan’s here’s the album cover and tracklist for they’re new album…

1. Interlude 1 feat. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian & Haley Dekle of Dirty Projectors
2. Walk Alone feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw
3. Dear God 2.0 feat. Monsters Of Folk
4. Radio Daze feat. Blu, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw
5. Now Or Never feat. Phonte & Dice Raw
6. How I Got Over feat. Dice Raw
7. Interlude 2
8. The Day feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash
9. Right On feat. Joanna Newsom & STS
10. Doin’ It Again
11. The Fire feat. John Legend
12. Interlude 3
13. Web 20/20 feat. Peedi Peedi & Truck North
14. Hustla feat. STS

The Roots Feat John Legend – Doin’ It Again

Download [Download not found]

Enjoy the freshness

-Black Milk

Yahzarah Releases Video for Single “Why Dontcha Call Me No More”

Yahzarah has released her first video for her new album “Ballad of Purple Saint James”.  The name of the single is “Why Dontcha Call Me No More”. The intro for the video has a very 80’s feel to it, and it also stars the members of Foreign Exchange. Once that 80’s flashback ends, the real video emerges.


Here is a bonus.  This is one of her other tracks from the same ablum, titled “All My Days”, featuring Darien Brockington.  They really make agreat duet in this song.  Enjoy.

All My Days

Random Soul Video: Choklate “Grown Folks”

Choklate is one of my favorite singers in the past years.  She has a voice that is subtile and powerful at the same time.  With her 2nd album “To Whom it May Concern” released last May.  It was a great follow up to her debut album, “Choklate“.  On her recent album, she released a video to her single “Grown Folks”.  It’s a great example for her talent, and softness.  Also it has a surprise guest.  Check it out.


Dwele- W.ants W.orld W.omen full track list!

Your boy is on super Dwele watch all this month till the album drops on the 29th and looky looky what I just got…

1. Wants (Intro)
2. I Wish
3. Grown
4. Dodgin’ Your Phone ft. David Banner
5. Smoke Up The Back ft. Raheem DeVaughn (Interlude)
6. Dim The Lights ft. Raheem DeVaughn
7. World (Intro)
8. How I Deal feat. Slum Village
9. Hangover
10. My People
11. Detroit Sunrise feat. Monica Blaire & Lloyd Dwayne
12. Women (Intro) feat. Kindra Parker
13. I Understand
14. Love You Right
15. “More Than A” (Interlude)
16. What’s Not To Love
17. Give Me A Chance
18. I Wanna ft. DJ Quik

Thee official track list! Featuring a full album of 18 tracks for our listening pleasure along with some really nice feature’s which Dwele isn’t to known for via his past album’s.

So far I’ve heard 3 of the 18 track’s. The first being  “Whats Not to Love” where you can listen in my prior post here. Track #2 “I Wish” that I’ll be showcasing fresh out the fridge later this week for you guy’s. And last but certainly not least track #8 “How I deal feat Slum Village which is by far my favorite track out of the 3 and probably out of the 18. Dwele actually made this single about 2 years ago during the Obama campaign which was his inspiration for the track. He made a super dope music video of the track because as he say’s “I was bored at home, shot a video, me and my tripod.” If this is the end result of his boredom then I hope he’s bored a whole lot more because I lost count on how many time’s I’ve watched this video due to how hot the track is as well as the all around dope simplicity of the video where he simply in his room singing to the camera on the edge of his bed with 2 of his clones playing the beat with an MPC and a keyboard. This video is nuts! You be the judge…


I guess he was feeling the track so much he decided to revamp it a little with the Slum Village feature where you can hear a taste of it in his “W.orld. Commercial” which I also posted in the link above. Let me know what track your looking forward to hearing and why from the list. And make sure to check the site on the daily for soul exclusive’s from myself and the rest of the Soulified crew.

-Black Milk

Dwele W.ants.W.orld.W.omen.

After a long 2 year wait and some main stream success with his Mc Donalds Mc Café commercial “bah da bah bah bahhhhhh” as well as a huge feature on Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”. Dwele is now officially set to drop his 4th studio album entitled W.ants. W.orld. W.omen. (W.W.W.).  The album will be set for release this month on June 29th, following his last masterpiece of an album Sketches of a Man.  Which included the single “I’m Cheatin,” and my favorite single “Vain” which I’m bumping write now as you read on.

To further explain the title of his album Dwele show’s off one of his many other talents with these 3 commercial’s representing the 3 W’s that he directed/ produced. I lost count on how many times I’ve watched these commercials because they are straight genius by the way he advertises each “W” word, while blessing our ear’s with a taste of a single off the album towards the end of the commercial. The W.orld commercial is by far my favorite showcasing the hot single “How I Deal” featuring T3 from Slum Village.







Dwele explains that the “W.W.W. is separated into three sections to represent different aspects of himself as an artist.” I can’t wait for this album to drop because Dwele has yet to let me down. From the singles I’ve heard so far the album will have a little bit of everything on it from soul, jazz, hip hop, to R&B. Expect features from Slum Village, DJ Quik, David Banner, Raheem Devaughn, and Monica Blair.

The first single off the album is entitled “Whats Not To Love.” You can listen to the track for your listening pleasure below.

Dwele – What’s Not To Love

-Black Milk

Eric Roberson Hits Memphis May 23rd!!!


Eric Roberson is making it to the Memphis area this week.  I know it’s late notice, but at least he is coming here.  He’s special guest is The Tim Terry Experience.  They will be performing at the New Daisy Theatre on May 23rd. Doors open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7pm.  Tickets start at $25 per person and can be purchased at Memphis Rebirth.

This should be a great show.  You know I’ll be there to soak up all that soul music.  If you are in the Memphis area, and haven’t heard of Eric Roberson, you should check out this and this.  That should convince you to be up in the spot on the 23rd.

Kem Lovers, Here’s Intimacy


The wait is nearing an end.  After long five years since his last album, Kem’s third album “Intimacy” is close at hand.  The album is being released on Universal Motown in July.  Kem has released a promo video that wraps you in his vision and sound of this third album.  This could be a new genre called Grown Soul. Yeah, I said it.  It drips of swagger, coolness and maturity that most artist can only dream.  This is only the promo video, so I now need the album ASAP.  Below is that promo video, and also the behind the scenes of that video.  So remember that this will be a cool summer come July.

Sade Releases Video for “Babyfather”

Yesterday Sade released her second video/third single “Babyfather”, from her blockbuster album “Solider Of Love“.  On this single Sade has her daughter singing with her, which sounds wonderful.  The video follows Sade normal video formula.  Which is striking visuals, and simple symbolisms throughout.  Even though she has a formula, it works and I can’t wait for the next video.  I’m really loving the new Sade that we get to see and appreciate more than the mythical image of Sade from before.

Macy Gray Sees “Beauty In The World”

Macy Gray has been working her upcoming album “The Sellout” since late 2008. “The Sellout” will be her fifth album that she has released.  The first single, “Beauty In The World”  has already been released, with an accompanying video.   From the video, you can tell that she hasn’t lost any of her unique quirkiness. I can’t wait to see how the entire album sounds.

Eric Roberson & Layla Hathaway in “Dealing” Video


I know I’m mad late with this video.  I actually watched it for the first time tonight.  Eric Roberson and Layla Hathaway, came together for a duet on “Dealing”. A song from Eric Roberson’s recently released album “Music Fan First“.  This is the type of video that most R&B music videos want to be when they grow up.  No gimmicks or BS.  It just focuses on the great music.

Vital Takes Off With “Airport” Video

Vital has released the full version of his video to his song “Airport”.  The song is from his recent “The Vital EP“.  The album isn’t what you expect, but it is wonderful.  I love how the video fits the music perfectly.  The video was directed by TAKCOM  Check it out and tell me what you think. I can’t wait for Vital’s full album.