Mya Releases Beauty and the Street Mixtape Vol. 1



Mya just released her first music project under her new label Planet 9, titled “Beauty and the Street Mixtape Vol. 1”.  It has a lot of new material and she has collaborations with the likes of Bun B and Slim Thug.  Now, I know you are say “Hey how does this fit into Soulified’s normal scope?” Well…. since a few artists are coming back on the scene after a long absence, I thought I would cover Mya’s return also.  Mya really hasn’t been absent from the music scene, because she released “Sugar & Spice” last year in Japan.  She left Motown and worked with Manhattan Records to release that album.

After researching for this post, I found some information about Mya.  That she is really business minded and has some great reasons for leaving Motown.  A lot of it is detailed in a great interview from RollingOut.

Below is her latest video with Bun B in her song “Show Me Something”  The mixtape is available from iTunes,  and Amazon.


Jay Leno Show w/ Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kenye West

Good morning. This story keeps developing. A previously scheduled appearance of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kenye West, on Jay Leno’s premiere show on NBC, it added more depth to the MTV’s VMA drama. With Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s first award acceptance, to Beyonce giving Taylor a chance to properly shine in her moment. It was eventful to say the least. Kanye wanted to take some time before the performance to discuss his actions and his feelings on that moment. Below is the video. Enjoy.

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Last Night’s MTV VMA Highlights


Good morning. Watched the MTV VMAs last night, and there was a lot going on.  I know some people didn’t get a chance to catch the whole thing, so here are the highlights of the show.  All I can say is that Kanye West was wrong, but Beyonce made it ok.  Enjoy

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Sy Smith Releases B-Side Love Affair Video

Sy Smith


Sy Smith is one of my long time favorites, that has more rare music than a museum.  With her recent album release of “Conflict“, she has dropped her 2nd video for the album.  The first video released was “Spies“.  Here is “B-Side Love Affair“.


Video: Inobe’s Come Take A Drive


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Inobe is still dropping little gems of music deliciousness on YouTube.  Her latest one is “Come Take A Drive“.  I’m hoping that a new album is in the works.  I loved her past two releases “Spiritual Soul” and “I Am Inobe“. Enjoy.


Video: Oceana Releases “Pussycat On A Leash”


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Oceana released the new video “Pussycat On A Lease“, that is from her recent album “Love Supply“.  Enjoy.


1 Day left till “Music Fan First”

Eric Roberson


Good morning.  We are just one day away from Eric Roberson’s album release “Music Fan First“.  He has been releasing a new video preview of each song leading up to the album’s release.  Be sure to pre-order your copy before August 25th.  If you do so, you will get an autographed copy.  Nice. Here is his latest video preview “Pave A New Road”.


Morning Start: Maxwell and Raheem Devauhgn

Good morning. I know I’ve been slacking in the posting department, but I’m trying to get and launched by next Monday.  So, hopefully this will make up for it.  First we have Maxwell, who released his second video for his new album “Blacksummers’night” , titled Bad Habits.


Next we have Raheem Devaughn dropping his first and second video from his recently released mixtape “The Art Of Noise” (free download).  The first video is “Cocaine Dreams”, and the second is “Back Your Heart”.  Thanks to HoneySoul for the heads up on these two videos.



Goapele Gives Us Milk & Honey



Goapele is an artist that I’m still learning about.  She has a very unique style and sound.  She is working on releasing her third album, “Milk & Honey”, which is said to be released in 2010.  To hold you over, take a look at her two previous albums, “Even Closer” from 2002 and her 2nd most recent album “Change It All“, from 2005.  Below we have a video from her title song of her upcoming album.  Also, I added her song “Closer”, so you can get a taste of her previous music.

Milk & Honey

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White House Correspondent Dinner Video

The President Of The United States

For something very different.  In case you missed Barrack Obama, The President Of the United States, at the White House Correspondent Dinner, here it is.  We are very lucky to have a president that has a great sense of humor.  He had some very good jokes, then the mic was turned over to Wanda Sykes.  That’s when the hard hitting humor started.  Both videos are iPhone/iPod ready MP4 format, so download and enjoy.

White House Correspondent Dinner – Barrack Obama (16:14 mins/54.0 mb)

White House Correspondent Dinner – Wanda Sykes (15:12 mins/71.4 mb)

Updated: Prince performs on Jay Leno

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I finally got video working on the site after a few hours.  Anyway, here is the video of Prince and his band performing “Never Gonna Age”, from the album MPLSound.  Prince is also performing tonight (Thursday), and also tomorrow night (Friday). Both performances are on the Jay Leno Show.  THis video isn’t from YouTube, so it should be up for awhile. Continue reading “Updated: Prince performs on Jay Leno” »