Connect with Soulified


Was just thinking, and wondering if everyone knew about the different ways to connect with Soulified.  With everyone being mobile and having different tastes on how they receive their information. We are on a bunch of Social Media sites, but we focus on two (twitter & Facebook) and RSS.

So, first we have Soulified on Twitter. There you will get all the updates from the site, and postings that don’t make it to the site. By followings Soulified on Twitter, you can also get  to see what great other bloggers, artists and music lovers on Twitter.  It’s really expanded my music taste and knowledge.

Soulified on Twitter

Next we have our Facebook Fan Page.  Here we also serve up our updates, and you have a chance to talk to other music lovers.  It’s a growing Fan Page, so come join and help the community.  Also once all of our  contests get posted first on our Facebook Fan Page.  Once we get to a certain number of members, we get vanity url on facebook. I know exciting.

Facebook Soulified

Lastly we have RSS Feed.  Now some people don’t even know what RSS means.  It’s like a subscription to the site, and the updates come to you in your RSS Reader.  One of the popular RSS Readers is Google RSS Reader or NetNewsWire for the iPhone.  RSS also gives you the option of reading the articles offline, at your convenience.  Plus there are tons of great RSS Feeds for Soul Music and Soul Food.  Of course ours should be first on your list. :)

rss soulified