D’Angelo: A Sad State for a Great Talent

Heard whispers of D’Angelo having a new album out, and I had to jump up to track it down, and see if all the fans wishes had been answered.  Found that that said album is called “Interpretations: Remakes”.  Well…. it’s ANOTHER fraud.  All it is music from his previous official releases and concerts, put into basically a mixtape.

So, after being disappointed once again, I tried to get a better understanding of who is putting out these mixtapes disguised as official releases.  The company’s name is “Think Different Music Group“.  According to their Bio, they work with artists for A&R and to market their albums.  My question is, why would an artists give the green light for a 3rd party to release sub par versions of their music, when his current label Virgin Records can do that, and they have the masters?  Also why wouldn’t he have those releases listed on his MySpace page to garner more sales?  The ONLY official compilation album is “The Best So Far“.  All these other  releases are just mixtapes that someone is trying fleece devoted fans, who are dying for a new album.

D’Angelo’s fans want to throw their money at him for concerts, albums, singles and possible music videos. In the title I say it’s a sad state, because both the artist and the fan are being abused.  I mean this is D’Angelo. The man that gave real meaning to “Brown Sugar”, and co-defined “Lady” along with Lionel Richie (Happy Birthday today).

So, here are five mixtapes that I have collected to help get the fans by until we are blessed with new material from Sir D’Angelo.  Enjoy.

[Update] Thanks to “The Ned” found out that D’Angelo’s trainer has made a statement concerning the near future of D’Angelo. Here it is.

“I’m rocking with Mary [J. Blige] this SUMMER and I’m starting with D’Angelo next week,” Jenkins revealed toSOHH last weekend. “So I’m looking for a big transformation with D’Angelo. We’re back. His music is good and he’s gonna be coming back pretty strong in the next three or four months. The music is tight. That transformation was really one of the big ones that put me on the map so we’re looking to get him in better condition than the ‘Untitled’ video. That’s the target we’re shooting for.” (SOHH)

Download Links

DAngelos Interpretations Remakes (1825 downloads )

DAngelos Live At Universal Ampitheater (1282 downloads )

DAngelo's Ameldabee Presents The Soul Of DAngelo (1191 downloads )

DAngelos Yoda The Monarch Of Neo-Soul Vol. 1 (530 downloads )

DAngelos Yoda The Monarch Of Neo-Soul Vol. 2 (1035 downloads )

Lynwood Rose Mixtape (995 downloads )

1   Features

2   Really Love

3   I Found My Smile Again

4   Your Love Is So Cold

5   Heaven Must Be Like This

6   Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Live Cover)

7   Superman Lover (Live Cover)

8   Devils Pie (Live)

9   Send It On In (Live)

10   Can’t Hide Love (Live Cover)

11   I’m So Glad Your Mine (Al Green Live Cover)

12   Sweet Sticky Green (Ohio Players Live Cover)

13   Sexy Little Things U Do (Live)

14   She’s Always In My Hair (Prince Cover)

15   Go Back 2 That Thing

16   Fair But So Uncool

01 . One Mo’ Gin

02 . Shit, Damn, Motherfucker

03 . Bullshit

04 . Jonz in My Bonz

05 . I Found My Smile Again

06 . Smooth

07 . Spanish Joint

08 . Really Love

09 . So Far to Go (Interlude)

10 . When We Get By

11 . Noting Even Matters

12 . Your Precious Love

13 . Alright

14 . Accapella (Interlude)

15 . Shinig Star

16 . Ghetto Heaven

17 . Heaven Must Be Like This

18 . Your Love Is So Gold

19 . Break You Off

20 . She’s Always in My Hair

01. Heaven Must Be Like This (Ohio Players)

02. Feel Like Making Love (Roberta Flack)

03. Cruisin’ (Smokey Robinson)

04. Your Precious Love (Feat. Erykah Badu)

05. Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Eddie Kendricks)

06. She’s Always In My Hair (Prince)

07. Can’t Hide Love (Earth, Wind & Fire)

08. I’m So Glad You’re Mine (Al Green)

09. Feel Like Making Love (LIVE) (Roberta Flack)

10. Sweet Sticky Thing (Ohio Players)

11. Give Me Your Love (Curtis Mayfield)

12. Cruisin’ (LIVE) (Smokey Robinson)

13. Use Me (Bill Withers)

14. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers)

15. Superman Lover (Johnny “Guitar” Watson)

01. D’Angeloduction

02. Brandy – ‘Baby (D’Angelo and Baby Fro Uptown Remix)’

03. D’ Angelo – ‘Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine’

04. D’Angelo – ‘Brown Sugar’

05. D’Angelo – ‘Lady’

06. D’Angelo – ‘Cruisin’

07. Trib Called Quest – ‘Crew’

08. Vertical Hold feat. D’Angelo – ‘Pray’

09. Angie Stone feat. D’Angelo – ‘Everyday’

10. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu – ‘Your Precious Love’

11. The Boys Choir of Harlem feat. D’Angelo – ‘Overjoyed’

12. D’Angelo – ‘I Found My Smile Again’

13. Black Men United feat. Boyz II Men, D’Angelo – ‘U Will Know’

14. D’Angelo – ‘Girl You Need A Change Of Mind’

15. D’Angelo – ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’

16. The Roots feat. D’Angelo – ‘The ‘Notic + The Hypnotic + The Spark’

17. BB King feat D’Angelo – ‘Ain’t Nobody Home’

18. D’Angelo – ‘Sweet Sticky Thing + I’m So Glad You’re Mine + Heaven Must Be Like This (Live)’

19. Gza feat. D’Angelo – ‘Cold World (Remix)’

20. Method Man feat. D’Angelo – ‘Break Ups 2 Make Ups’

21. Slum Village feat. D’Angelo – ‘Tell Me’

22. Common feat D’Angelo – ‘Geto Heaven (Part Two)’

23. Lauryn Hill feat. D’Angelo – ‘Nothing Else Matters’

24. D’Angelo feat. Method Man, Redman – ‘Left And Right’

25. D’Angelo – ‘Devil’s Pie’

26. D’Angelo – ‘Africa’

27. D’Angelo – ‘Spanish Joint’

28. D’Angelo – ‘She’s Always In My Hair’

29. Rapahel Saadiq feat. D’Angelo – ‘Be Here’

30. The Roots feat. D’Angelo – ”Break You Off’

31. D’Angelo, Femi Kuti, Macy Gray, The Soultronics – ‘Water Get No Enemy’

32. Roy Hargrove feat. D’Angelo – ‘I’ll Stay’

33. D’Angelo feat. Isaac Hayes, Chuck D – ‘Sing A Simple Song’

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  1. Black Milk
    Black Milk says:

    Hahahaha I’m listening to the Interpretations album right now and before I read this and was sitting here thinking…”Hold up…Ive heard all these songs before on different albums. Someone straight up put all the Interp’s he did and made a damn album out of it.” lmao! You beat me to the chase fam!

    It’s a hot album none the less. Saved me the hassle of putting them all together and taking credit for it as a mixtape. hahahaha

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