Daru Jones & Kissey Asplund’s “So Good PD EP”

Daru has dropped another joint in his Rusic project.  This time he has joined forces with the lovely voice from Sweden, Kissey Asplund.  They have released the “So Good PD EP” to the world.  It is seven songs of dopeness.  Daru’s grabbing beats along with Kissey’s soft and smooth voice, just makes a great combination.  I can’t get “Sweetest Day” off repeat.  You can download it here Daru Jones Feat Kissey Asplund (299 downloads ) .

1. Rat Race “Up & Down” – 02:45

2. Sweetest Day – 04:51

3. Please – 03:40

4. No Matter What They Say – 04:01

5. So Good Pt.2 “Go-Go Mix” – 04:46

6. Lift Me High (Outake Inst) – 03:23

7. And It Looks (Outtake Inst.) – 04:25