Dave Hollister & Friends concert in Memphis

I’ve been complaining about there is never a good Soul concert in my area. Today I finally learned of a concert at Soul Cafe in Memphis, TN. Dave Hollister is headlining with seven other good artists. The other artists Joyce McKinney, Shontelle Norman, Terreigh Barnett, David Gillard, Devin Crutcher, Fletcher, and Will Graves. It’s tomorrow December 20th at 8pm and 10pm. There is hope for 2009.

After Show Update: Went to the show at Soul Cafe. We walked in right at 10:00pm, and the David’s band Dem Boys were just warming up. After sitting down at a table, and having a great view of the stage. The way the Soul Cafe is set up, there isn’t a bad seat in the place. Dave walked on stage, and quickly turned the audience into a waiting member of his soulful choir.

The entire show was great. It was very organized, but still had the essence of a spontaneous performance.
Shontelle Norman did a great version of Jill Scott’s “The Way You Love Me”, but we missed out on the adult version of her version. Candy Fox also brought to the audience her rendition of that same song, and Jill’s “Hate On Me”. The way she sung “Hate On Me”, would have made Jill Scott nod with approval. The next highlight of the show was Shea Norman. His performance was the great closer for the show. He added to the night’s highlight of “The Way You Love Me”, and then took over the keyboards to bring it on down. Again the show was great, and I can’t wait till the next date. There were two other performers, but sadly I missed their time on stage. Hope to catch them next time. For more, check out the artists MySpace pages.