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As you may have noticed lately that things have kinda of slowed down on the site.  With the holidays, my two other jobs and just less time available for me to spend like I did this summer, I’ve had to think about what do I want to do with Soulified.  Then to have the shocker that  SoulUK has decided to suspend operations for now.  I’ve really wanted to make the right move. I’ve have thought about it, and want to get Soulified, back to it’s roots.  At the start of the blog, almost two years ago I wanted to expose the unknown or unsigned Soul artist.  After trying to push growth on the site, and have a Facebook page, twitter, Tumblr and so forth, it all gets diluted.

I’m not going to try to keep abreast of every single release, video debut, rumor of a new album that’s upcoming, or award shows.  It makes me smile more to expose someone to Cilla K or Nakia Henry, than post a news snippet about a upcoming video or who won what award.  There are a lot of choices for music news, and I’m not going to try to run the same stories that you can see on five other sites.  You want each of the sites you visit to be something unique and worthwhile.  So each week, I will focus Soulified on ONE Soul artist.  In that week, I will have a bio, interview, showcase of their videos, albums, singles and hopefully a give away.  I think that way you get a much more complete view of the artist, and not just a snapshot.  So, there will be 52 artists showcased and detailed, this coming year. Hopefully it will be an artist that is new to you or you may discover something new about an old favorite.

I hope that you can understand my choice to take Soulified, in this direction and continue to visit for your Soul music needs.  Thank you and Enjoy.

Eric Johnson

Soul Lover

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  1. SoulUK
    SoulUK says:

    Loving the new idea. It’s great to learn a bit more about an artist than what they look like and what their single/album is called. Can’t wait to see who you pick

  2. londyjamel
    londyjamel says:

    Just seeing this, but a more focused (and manageable) specialty is a good thing. It’ll work to differentiate your blog from all of the others. Hone what you do best and make it shine. You’ll have our support.

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