Discover Candice Anitra’s “Bark Than Bite”


I’ve been enlightened to the voice of Candice Anitra.  An artist from Brooklyn, New York that understands the meaning of being creative.  She has recently released her debut album “Bark Than Bite“.  This album is, plan and simple a journey of her expressions of creativity.  From the first song “Bad Taste”, to one of my favorites “Take Me”, which is the epitome of the  smokey and heavy with sultry sexiness vibe I love.  The simple chords, give her voice all the latitude it needs to envelop you in it’s wisps of mysterious soulness.  Yes, it’s like that.  Then moving on to “Too Much Woman” gives us something similar, with a touch of a astral vibe.  This is the album, that makes me want to drive through some random rainy city at 2:00am, and just reflect upon my day and life.   Then there are more upbeat and positive songs that round out the album to earn it a place in my daily rotation.

Candice Anitra has a refreshing, crisp quality that brings a new perspective to the genre.  This perspective is much needed, at this time that is being called the Golden Time of Soul.  With many artists releasing their long awaited projects this fall, and new artists trying to emulate those artists, that’s where Candice Anitra stands out.  Check out her video below, which is of the song “Objectify”.  Is a wonderful plea from one lover to the next.  Never had this proposition put in such a way. Enjoy.