Dwele Keep RIZEing to the Top + Bonus

BamaLoveSoul has made a great post, offering up a collection of Dwele’s unreleased tracks.

Snippet from BamaLoveSoul

“Dwele’s demo, which is also considered his first album, 1998’s Rize, was sold out of the trunk of his car exuding the DIY ethic that is much more prevalent nowadays. Bubbling over with warm Rhodes, unconventional lyrics and soul, soul, soul it helped him score a deal with Virgin where he released his first studio album Subject in 2003. He’s continued to release albums since then and has become an industry favorite.”


Plus as a bonus, Soulified is offering Dwele’s Lost Track Of Time EP from 2005.  It was released on vinyl, and has six tracks.  It features 3 “Chinchilla Beats”, 2 of which are snippets from tracks 1 & 2, and the third a new instrumental. Enjoy.

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