Ever Been Surprised By A Live Tropical Fish?

Today has been a day, that my eyes were opened a bit wider by a group name Live Tropical Fish.  Who are they you ask?  They are an Italian trio that have the great talent and vision to grow, blend, expand, transform genres of music into a sound that is truly artistic.  The group is comprised of  Fabrizio “Doc Bix” Poli, Antonio “Lurpak” Fernè and Salvo Pignanelli. They released their new album “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” earlier this month, and it is truly amazing.  It’s a journey through Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk and some exotic stops along the way.  Besides the talented trio, they have guests on the album, that would make any producer proud.  Their line up of other artists are Deborah Jordan, Alison Crockett, Laurnea, Nick Rolfe, Omar, Maya Azucena and April Hill.  Out of those seven artists, there are three that are on my list to cover their own music.

With “The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish” being their second album, you can really tell the cohesiveness of the group and it’s ability to work with varying styles, genres, and musical philosophies.  I haven’t had the pleasure to listen to their first album “Shape Your Life” which was released in 1997, which would be great to see how they have grown and evolved.

Here is a video of Live Tropical Fish performing with Laurnea.  They are performing “Breathe Again”.