Fresh from the Fridge: Eric Benet- Sometimes I Cry (single/video)

Eric Benet is officially back! And boy let me tell yall Eric Benet sings the shit outta this song! This is the definition of falsetto Dream! I honestly didn’t know Eric had vocals like this but then again if I were to mess up on Halle Berry like he did I’d probably gain this range myself. lol She’s definitely gotta be the inspiration for this track. Hell the title says it all.

Eric Benet- Sometimes I Cry


Here’s a behind the scene’s video of the single as well as Eric speaking on the inspiration for the whole album “Lost In Time” coming out this September.


Though I’ll never understand how being a nymphomaniac married to Halle Berry is a problem I fully understand this track and am feeling it and his pain. lol Enjoy yall.


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-Black Milk

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  1. charles
    charles says:

    you need to stop all that mess, the man has move on with his life with his beautifull lady, you should do the same.

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      @ Charles Do me a favor an actually listen to the lyrics of the song then do your research on it and then leave me legit comment where you know what your talking about. The whole song is about him letting his past love know that he’s some what moved on but still thinks about her a lot. My love life has nothing to do with this. Trust. Nor am I one singing about crying because of a past relationship that didn’t work (2 years ago) because of my own actions. lol

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment though. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    I’m so excited for Eric’s new album, but definitely don’t want to wait until September :( I recently watched the video for “Sometimes I Cry” ( and am wondering, too, if this was written for Halle.

    Regardless, he’s got such an amazing voice! Love you, Eric! :)

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      Watching the video that I think your referring to has me excited as well. He seems very excited and passionate about the album and the fact that he’s saying he made it with all live instrumentation as if it were made and written back in the days when music was real def has me wanting to hear it even more.

      He def show’s his range on this one. Thanks for the comment and checking out my write up Jasmine. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Quan ΔΣθ Laquan
    Quan ΔΣθ Laquan says:

    i have got to have it …he is bring n true music back that has feeling meaning and soul… that type of music that make u wanna go home and practice make n a baby!!!!!! HA! Yes Sr!! (practice only not produce)

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      LOL Practice makes perfect. I know when I finally have kids that’s just how they’ll come out. lol

  4. Rabia
    Rabia says:

    This man, Eric Benet, is by far one of the most prolific R&B vocalists of present time. If you haven’t heard this single and the rest of his music, or seen him perform in person, you owe yourself both experiences.

  5. Kdooley84
    Kdooley84 says:

    I think that everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves. I think when you’ve been in a relationship and you’ve been hurt this is the song about moving forward….

  6. Patricie
    Patricie says:

    I don’t think anyone knows why he is crying in this video. It is a beautiful video, so let’s leave it at that!

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