Goodbye Alicia Keys… Hello Alicia Beatz!

*Swizz Beatz voice* “It’s wedding time!” Alicia has finally married her long time boyfriend since 2008, “rapper” and record producer Swizz Beatz during a very small and private ceremony on the Mediterranean Sea in Italy this Sunday (August 1st). The 29 year old Alicia who is currently pregnant with her first child from Swizz walked down the isle in stunning cream Grecian-style dress showing off her little baby bump as gorgeous as she want’s to be. For the record this will be Swizz’s 4th child making Alicia his 3rd baby mama. Now thats a catch!

Since I wasn’t invited to the wedding due to the secret relationship Alicia and I had before Swizz *tear drops* I managed to find some photo’s of the wedding for you guys to view. I still love you Alicia!!!!! lol : o )~

Alicia and her parents

Beatz son Nasier latched on to Step Mom to be Alicia Keys and father Kasseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz

Alica and Swizz ready to tie the knot

Alicia throwing up the bouquet. Wonder who caught it. Hmmmmm

Swizz and 1st born Nasier

This seemed to be the weekend of big weddings as T.I. finally married Tiny after 9 years of being together in a star studded ceremony on Saturday (July 31) and the biggest of the 3 (why I dont know) was Chelsea Clintons wedding which was on Saturday as well which supposedly cost and estimated 5 million dollars to pull off!

-Black Milk

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  1. beezy
    beezy says:

    Alicia is absolutely glowing! Amazing what pregnancy can do!

    Congrats to them.

    But…4th kid and 3rd baby momma..really??

    Eh, guess I can’t talk shit as long as he’s taking care of them…

    how does A know she won’t fall by the wayside too?? :-/

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      You’d think that as beautiful as she is she’d pick someone that doesn’t have all that extra luggage who looks 10x’s better to have her first baby from and to get married too. She could have anyone. I know there’s ugly ass men out there with a grip of kids with a ton of hope now. lol

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      Hahahaha negative being over weight, full white, crazy fashion style and gay. Thanks for the compliment though Alonzo lol

  2. Quan ΔΣθ Laquan
    Quan ΔΣθ Laquan says:

    we should not always all the time judge a persons past …unless they are a repeat offender lol …how ever as long as she is happy and a good wife to him and he a good provider, supporter to his family.. then that is a;ll that matters ; )

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      Well I’d say that 3 prior kids from 2 different baby mama’s is a repeat offense wouldn’t you say Quan? lol Damn that Swizz Beatz!!!!!!!! lol

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