Hil St Soul’s Release

Hil St Soul

This album represents one of the issues, that limits the fans from being aware of new music.  One of my favorite UK groups Hil St. Soul, has a new album coming out June 1st.  It has some new material mixed in with some older songs.  Now I found this album only listed at one of the places that I trust, and that was at Amazon UK.  It wasn’t listed on the artist’s MySpace page, or even their record company’s site.  Now if you do a google search, you get tons of pirate links for this album.  It’s just backwards.  Anyway, I can’t wait to gear the new music, since their last release, Black Rose.

Track Listing

1. Release

2. Hey Boy

3. Don’t Forget The Ghetto

4. Life

5. Smile

6. Pieces

7. Wash Away

8. It’s OK

9. Until You Come Back To Me

10. Sweetest Days

11. All That (And A Bag Of Chips)

12. For Your Love

13. Baby Come Over – Hil St. Soul & Dwele

14. Broken Again

15. We Don’t Talk

16. Goodbye

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