It’s Vital that You Listen


My friend and awesome artist, Natassja, let me know about a new artist Vital.  I could only find limited information on him, but what I did find was amazing.  Vital (Duranta D. Cook) is a songwriter and singer that was born in California.  As many other artists, he had his start at a young age in the church.  He has an free EP coming in early April.  Also the full length video to “Airport” will be released on April 2nd.  The video was directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya.  I love the music, and that the video is something that you don’t expect.  It was very refreshing, and pleasing that someone has some new ideas to expand the genre.  Yeah, it’s that good.  He also has a full length album that is arriving this fall.

Check out the video teaser below.  Also check out the songs from the EP, or download all five here ([Download not found])



Going Back

Read It


(for full effect of 5.1 audio, use headphones)