Jaguar Wright’s Upcoming Album + “And Your Point Is” Unreleased Album


There have been some rumblings about Jaguar Wright releasing a new album soon. So, being a huge fan, I did some research to find out the truth.  Last year when she released two singles “Surely Shawty” and “Beautiful”

Surely Shawty


there was announced an EP titled “Beautiful” to be released on November 24th.  November 24th came and went, and it wasn’t released.  That was supposed to be a teaser of the upcoming album named “The Wright Way”, that was slated to be released in 2009.  Then to add to the confusion, her official website is down. So, unless they are refreshing it, it doesn’t look good.  I would love to be surprised with a new album from this great artist.

To help Soul Music lovers and Jaguar Wright fans get by while we wait, here is her unreleased album “And Your Point Is“.  This album was supposed to be released in 2003 via MCA Records, but they folded and the album never saw the light of day.  Her official 2nd next album “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul”, has some of the tracks from “And Your Point Is“, but not all and it doesn’t have the same feel of the original.  Check it out. (download link)