JD Green’s Diurnal: Movements Is Truly Heavenly


JD Green’s upcoming album “Diurnal: Movements” is something that I did not expect.  It’s something that has a presence and essence that can easily be heard through each of of the songs on the album.  Each song has it’s own feel, vibe and soul.  That’s one of the things you don’t know what to expect. Which is what kind of aural treat you will receive next.  It could go from a funky late night jam “Funky Soul” to a smooth, Neo Soully song dripping with spoked words in “Commute”.  She even pays tribute to New Orleans with “Wake Up (Phat Tuesday)”.  With it playing, I can imagine doing a second line through the house.  Yeah you can tell I miss NOLA.  Anyway, JD Green takes you on a vocal journey that will enrich your mind, soul and ear.  Keep in mind this is her debut album, and I can only think of the goodness a second album will bring.  You can preview her album here.

Another thing I didn’t expect is that you can pre-order her album for $5!!!! The album will be released on June 15th, and a CD can be purchased for $10.  The album contains 18 tracks.  That’s basically two albums for other artists.  18 tracks on a debut album is a huge effort, and should be commended.

To help you learn more about JD Green, her music and “Diurnal: Movements”, Grown Folks Music did a great interview with her yesterday.  You should check it out.

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