Jill Scott’s “Light of the Sun” Slated for 1st Half of 2010


Well… 2010 is turning to be a great year for music lovers. It was announced that Jill Scott will be blessing us with “Light of the Sun”.  This being her fifth album, and the follow up to her 2007 album “The Real Thing”.  The album has a tentative release date of August 1st.  There isn’t much else known about the album beyond that information.  Along with that album release, she has two movies “Why Did I get Married Too“, and “Sins of the Mother“, and a Marvel/BET mini-series cartoon “Black Panther” being releases in the first half of the year.

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  1. Ladyv618
    Ladyv618 says:

    Looking forward to the release of this anticpated CD! I love Jills music. Simply no one can compare!
    Does anyone know of the new relase date for 2010? It was orginally set for August.

  2. Vasmel10
    Vasmel10 says:

    seriously, the usmmer has come and gone, where is this album? Her new site too is already outdated! Maybe she needs a new PR Team. I just love her and am anxiously waiting.

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