Kanye West- Runaway (full length film)

I finally got a chance to check out Kanyeezy’s long-form music film “Runaway” that premiered both on MTV and BET last Saturday. For those that got a chance to check it out on one of the networks I heard it wasn’t such a good experience because the networks interrupted the film on a number of occasions with commercial. If only I could hear how Kanye felt about that one cause this is def one of those films that has to flow all the way through to truly appreciate and understand.

I was pleasantly surprised by Kanye’s work cause I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The film is visually appealing with beautiful colors, effects, and a nice story line about a Phoenix that crashes down to earth in front of Kanye played by thee super gorgeous Selita Ebanks. And man let me tell yall! Her costume in this film is nuts! I swear through out the whole film I was hoping a feather or two would fall off. lol You’ll see what I mean. Anyways she pretty much falls in front of Kanyes car on the highway in the woods and he nurses her back to health, shows her our world, and falls for her in a nutshell.

What I really liked about this film is that it gives you a sneak peak of 9 songs from Yeezy’s forthcoming album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” with dope visual’s to go with each song as if the film has 9 mini videos. The whole film is suppose to be a metaphor for how Kanye feels he is different along with his music and how society views him and doesn’t understand him. It’s all around a dope film directed by Kanye and written by Hype William. Sounds like it should be the other way around huh? I’m sure Hype had his major hand in this film aside from writing it.


Enjoy the film and let me know what you think about it below in the comments.

-Black Milk

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  1. STFULoveShawn
    STFULoveShawn says:

    Ok, turn down the hype machine a few settings. I’m not sure it was that awesome. The guy is definitely an amazing visual artist. That’s one of the things I love most about him. But the story was awkward and slightly bizarre.

    I found it odd that writing is credited to Hype and directing is credited to Kanye. Hmm!! I still find that hard to believe.

    His album title is sick to me.

    • Black Milk
      Black Milk says:

      Ummm for one I didn’t use the word “awesome.” I’m half white but damn dog. lol And yeah there coulda been a little more meat to the story but all and all it was visually pleasing with the audio to back it. And yeah totally feel you on the Hype thing. lol

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