Kem Releases Single “Why Would You Stay”, From Intimacy

Just a quick note.  Kem has released his first single “Why Would You Stay”, from his upcoming album “Album III Intimacy”.  It is scheduled to be released in July of this year.  If you loved any song from previous Kem albums, you’ll really enjoy this single.  You can pick up the single at iTunes or Amazon for $.99.  You can’t beat that price for a early sneak peak.

Kem – Why Would You Stay

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  1. LaCharles Ward
    LaCharles Ward says:

    Thanks for posting this song. I am a huge fan of Kem. His music truly separates the “boys” from the “Men”, this new song is what I call true soul-exploring music, just beyond amazing! If one is to judge from this single, his new CD will be off the charts. I can’t wait until July to purchase the CD.

  2. LJ
    LJ says:

    I am loving this song and I can’t wait until his cd comes out and surely can’t wait until he comes to Memphis…I will most definitely be there.

  3. geegee
    geegee says:

    “woman I beg your forgiveness, I’ll do whatever it takes…”

    LOVE HIM!!! thanks so much for sharing this…

    His words are so heartfelt and so true!

  4. Reanna
    Reanna says:

    I love this song and I could listen to it all day long, it’s beautiful and has voice arrangements like Lionell Richie. This is truly the #1 song of my choice.

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