Memphis: The Chocolate Bar Returns on October 3rd

The Chocolate Bar

Well… Zora’s Lounge is doing another The Chocolate Bar event on October 3rd.  If you recall I attended the previous event, and left with mixed feelings.  I loved the idea and the vision that they had, but was slightly blinded by the execution of it.  I have hope that they will improve this event.  Anyway, it’s Saturday October 3rd @ 9pm.  Doors open, and the event starts at 9pm.  There are two sections in the lounge.  There is a $5 cover section, and a $10 cover section.  The only difference is that the $10 section is where Lila will perform.  The $5 section gets the music via speakers.  The live performance should start at 10:00pm.

The main premise is envisioning a sushi bar, but with chocolate and great wines. The wines include Relax Riesling… Frontera Shiraz… Barefoot Moscato, Sauvigon Blanc, Beringer White Zin, Zonin Baccorosa and Sonoma Merlot. The assortment of chocolate consists of triple chocolate cake, cocoa truffles, tiramisu, German chocolate cake, white Russian truffle, marzipan and fudge. TIP: Anything below $5 in price is not worth it. The slices of cakes and such are much better value.

Zora’s Lounge is located at 652 Marshall, Memphis, TN.  Also to get more information please call (901) 525-0009.



Speaking of Lila, she will be the artist of the evening.  She is a local violinist, who plays a variety of genres such as Jazz, hip-hop, soul, R&B, funk, alternative, rock, Latin, and reggae.  She recently released a Jazz/Fusion album titled “The Blue Violin“.  You can go to iTunes or CDBaby to sample songs from her album.  It should be a very good performance and experience.  Below is a very nice video bio on her.


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