Memphis: The Chocolate Bar @ Zora’s Lounge (with Review)


Just received word about a very interesting event this weekend. The Hattiloo Theatre’s Zora’s Lounge is presenting “The Chocolate Bar” on September 19th @ 9pm. This will be a great chance for them to show off their newly redesigned Zora’s Lounge. They also have “We Two” performing at the event, which is a mostly Jazz with a dash of Neo Soul. The main premise is envisioning a sushi bar, but with chocolate and great wines. The wines include Relax Riesling… Frontera Shiraz… Barefoot Moscato, Sauvigon Blanc, Beringer White Zin, Zonin Baccorosa and Sonoma Merlot. The assortment of chocolate consists of triple chocolate cake, cocoa truffles, tiramisu, German chocolate cake, white Russian truffle, marzipan and fudge.

There is a cover charge of $10 per person. Zora’s Lounge is located at 652 Marshall, Memphis, TN.  Also to get more information please call (901) 525-0009.

UPDATE  With Review 9-26-09

We attended The Chocolate Bar last week, and it was an experience.  There were some good points, and some bad points.  I’m very glad that there are people trying to create quality events, that cater to the “Grown Folks” crowd.  I just think that they need more work on the execution of those events.  Here are my thoughts below.

Good Points

  • 1. Great concept for the event. Fine chocolates and wine to enjoy while enjoying soothing live music, with like minded people.
  • 2. Location and venue were perfect for this event.  The lighting was just right, to almost a fault.  It was a smoke free environment, with nice furniture to accent the mood.
  • 3. Event started on time, and the performers started on time also.  This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.
  • 4. Food was good, fresh, and was made to order.
  • 5. Event staff were very helpful when they were made aware of any issues.

Bad Points

  • 1. The flyer was very inviting, but left off basic information that would have helped attendees.
    1. a. There was an option to reserve tables in advance, but wasn’t listed on any communication. This would have helped, since it was a very small venue.
    2. b. There were two areas of the venue. The main lounge which was $10 cover (Music was performed here, but very cramped) or the side lounge $5 cover (music was heard over speakers, but more room).
    3. c. Event started at 9pm, but it didn’t list the time when doors opened.  The doors also opened at 9pm.  I like to arrive early, and enjoy the vibe.
    4. d. The performers started at 10pm, but that wasn’t listed anywhere. Attendees had no clue if the performers were late, until they asked the staff when was the performers starting.
  • 2. Before the performers started at 10pm, they had music playing. based on the crowd’s age and the event’s theme, they did not have the right music at all.  Each song was totally different genre from the previous song, and it was played way too loud for the over 30 crowd.  It was to the point where you couldn’t have a conversation as you at the chocolate and sipped wine.
  • 3. There were no samples for the food items on the menu. So you were ordering blind.  For example the Tiramisu @ $3 a piece, was a 1″ by 1″ swirl of whipped cream with sprinkles of coffee and chocolate. So, the first 8 items on the menu were small pieces of chocolate or miniature inspired creations.  The last four items (Chocolate Cheesecake, Triple Chocolate Cake, German Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Fondue) all were wonderful looking.  We only found that out when we saw someone in the other $5 lounge with them. No one in the $10 lounge had ordered any of those five items, so no in that lounge had know of the deliciousness they were missing.
  • 4. Lighting was a bit too dark.  There were some accidents, because people couldn’t see in some portions of the lounge.
  • 5. Performers were good, but didn’t perform any Jazz pieces.  They performed mostly R&B, Neo Soul and some Blues.  No jazz at all.

Now after reading all that you, would think that we had a bad time.  We had a good time, but there were the above things that kept getting in our way of having a great time.  We would love more events like this in the Memphis area, but they are few and far between.  So, that is why we expect so much from the few that are here.

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