Mixtape Of Lizz Wright Live

I was just discussing Lizz Wright on twitter  this morning, and after doing my morning routine, I find this nugget of Lizz Wright goodness.  This is actually a combination of three live performances from around 2008.  I’ve never had the pleasure to see her live, and so far it won’t happen this year.  She released her updated tour schedule for 2010.  Anyway, this mixtape is 15 songs from the three performances.  One caveat is that, it’s all on one mp3, so no skipping from song to song.  It actually works out, and you get a great experience with since it makes you feel you are really here.

Lizz Wright Mixtape Playlist

The first four selections are from a WXPN radio broadcast of a daytime concert at the World Café in Philadelpia.
01 Band Introductions
02 “When I Fall”
03 “Thank You”
04 “Hey Mann”

Tracks five and six are from a concert in Switzerland. Marvin Sewell is featured on guitar.
05 “Blue Rose”
06 “Dreaming Wide Awake”

The last nine songs are from a October 29, 2008 concert at the Paradiso venue in Amsterdam.
07 “My Heart”
08 “Stop”
09 “Walk With Me”
10 “Hit The Ground”
11 “Leave Me Standing”
12 “Speak Your Heart”
13 “Peace Flows”
14 “Salt”
15 “MIA”

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