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Blacksummers' Night

Good afternoon.  Just a friendly reminder of two great albums coming our this summer, which is turning out to be pretty good for releases.  I just wish they would spread them out through the year, and the winter and spring won’t be so dry.  Anyway, we have Maxwell’s long awaited Blacksummers’ Night album arriving July 7th.  I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the Deluxe CD/DVD, and you can do so here @ Amazon.


Also we have Ledisi dropping her album “Turn Me Loose” on August 18th.  It will be her 5th album.  I can’t wait to hear this one.  I even picked up her Christmas album to get my fix.  It was great of course. When she came to Memphis last year, it was an unreal show. To me her show was one of the best Soul concerts I’ve ever seen.  The other great was Jill Scott, and 3rd is Frankie Beverly and Maze.  Last year was a great year for concerts in Memphis. Focus Eric. Here is a sample of her song Alone from the new album.


Now about the contest.  Since people enjoyed the last three contests, I’m doing once for each of these albums.  It’s very easy.

Here are the rules and a link to the obligatory legal statement:

1.  Open to legal US residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 and older.

2. To enter leave a comment telling us how you’ll enjoy and chill to either album. (only one album entry per comment) (You can enter for each contests)

3. The comment must be left before Monday, July 6th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Maxwell’s album

4. The comment must be left before Monday, August 17th, 05:00 PM Central Daylight Time for Ledisi’s album

5. You may enter only for each album once.

6. One winner will be selected for each album in a random drawing.

7. Prize: 1 CD album of the corresponding album contest shipped to your address.

8. Click Here for complete Official Rules.

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  1. npringl1
    npringl1 says:

    The ultimate chill, is riding fast or slow on the highway with windows or your top down..having a personal concert with just he and you!

  2. polyestaplaya
    polyestaplaya says:

    How I chill and enjoy Maxwell… its comes with or without low light or a dimly lit environment. I take it on rides (car rides that is), share it with friends, or have it put in some work in a relaxing shower moment; and it evens sometimes goes down to bed with me for the
    besssst night’s sleep.

    I find it works to bring me up when I am down, and takes me higher when there is already no where to go but up. Maxwell comes with its own guarantee that the time spent listening will definitely produce an
    enjoyable mood, that can only be delivered “Maxwell style”!

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