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Just wanted to point out some new features, and wanted everyone to be aware of them. If you have any ideas for a feature, leave a comment detailing your request.  On to the features.

1. Calendar – In the right sidebar, at the top. It will list upcoming albums of note, and events in the Memphis area.

2. Coolris – Added Coolris support for all future image galleries and albums. It’s a plugin for your browser, that enables a great interface to browse the sites photos.

3. Downloadable music – Also in the sidebar, the newest EPs and mixtapes for the genre.  I try to find all the newest free music. If you know of one that I am lacking, please let me know.

4. Voting – In all future posts, the ability to vote your opinion of that post. With that info, I can better tailor the site to your tastes.

I hope these features enable you to enjoy the site even more.  Thanks for your readership, and input.

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