Nicholas Kopernicus Present Audiocentric

Nicholas Kopernicus Present Audiocentric


I’ve had the privilege to enjoy an album, from two musicians that together create a sound that has a pure, solid, and honest. They are Jason “classicbeatz” Minnis (Producer/Pianist/Songwriter) and Seon Gomez (Guitarist/Songwriter). They make up Nicholas Kopernicus, who recently dropped their debut album “AudioCentric”.

With eleven tracks to the album, it gives you a very good opportunity to understand their sound. Each song presents itself as it’s own being, which adds to the feeling of solidness I mentioned.  One of my favorite songs on the album, is Grand Central Featuring Sixteenstone. Sixteenstone’s vocals on that track are great, melodic, and enchanting.  The richness of the instruments comes through all the tracks, but for me on Grand Central especially.  My second favorite song is Candle Dreams.  Now, I hate to compare or mention other artists when I am talking about another artist’s sound.  For me, Candle Dreams puts me in the mind of Sweetback, if they were boiled down to a concentrated form, and simmered.  I think that you will enjoy their sound, and the vibe they are serving.  The album is out, and you can get it at any other the following sites, AmazonLaLa and eMusic.


Listen to sample of Candle Dreams

Listen to sample of Grand Central (ft. Sixteenstone)

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