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Good afternoon. This is a little late, but it’s the first real post. This morning we were up early and wanted something different for breakfast. Well… How different can you really get for breakfast? More like a new place to go. So, we remembered passing by Bryant’s Breakfast and decided to give it a try.

Once we parked in the crowded parking lot, you could tell you were in for something good. The robust smell of breakfast filled the air. By the smell of breakfast I mean full bodied coffee, infused with crispy fried bacon waftingbthrough the air.

First thing you notice is the expansive glass windows. It gives everyone driving by a chance to see the long line of hungry customers. Once inside you see it’s like a cafeteria style diner.  With plenty of seating for everyone in line.  You’ll find that most people get their orders to-go.  Once you get in line, even though long it moves pretty quickly.  Their system works very well.  While in line, you have time to decide from the many breakfast options on the menu for your gastric journey.  They have numerous omelets, grits based breakfast bowls, and the other standard fare.  Also they have some great square large biscuits.  They give three with each entree.  I can’t see how any one can eat three AND their meal, but its there for the brave.

When you finally get to the counter, you are presented with more options.  You can grab a mug, and pour your own cup of Joe.  They also have decaf.  There aren’t any mocha latte blah blah here.  Just regular, but very good Joe.  There is a lady behind the counter that will ask for your drink order, if it’s anything other than the coffee.  Once you get to place your order, you pay and take a seat and wait.  For a place that offers that many options, they have very fast service.  If you are dining in, the two waitresses will bring your order by calling your name.  Thats when the magic happens.  

I had the Sausage Omelet.  It is made up of patty sausage and American cheese, that’s cooked inside the omelet.  it comes with three huge biscuits, a small cup of grits and grey thick gravy for the biscuits.  My better half had the bacon omelet, that is made with whole strips of not too crispy bacon.  I’m not sure what brand of pork meat they use, but it was perfect.  Each omelet was loaded with the afore mentioned meats, and was cooked to perfection.

While you’re enjoying the food, the great service continues.  They are checking on your periodically to see if you need more coffee or anything else.  You come away from there feeling welcome and not rushed.  After we finished the meal, we sat and talked for awhile.  It’s a sight to just sit there and watch the people come and go, and how the whole process works.  Not once was there a break down or slow down.  

It gets a four of five brownies.

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