Rafiya Releases An “Amazing” EP

Rafiya Amazing


You may remember the Artist Spotlight I did awhile ago on Rafiya.  She’s blessed us twice this week.  First she has released her EP titled “Amazing”, which lives up to it’s name.  The title track to the EP, “Amazing” is an acoustic tour of a love that is on the highest plain.  The EP contains six tracks, but “So Beautiful” is my favorite.  She has opted to released the EP for FREE for fans.  You can stream or download it.  The second blessing is she has also released a video for “Amazing” (also below).  She is bring to the table a lot of talent, and music for a real Soul music fan.  There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t take a listen, and become a fan.  This EP is definitely a quality production.  Enjoy.


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  1. Chidi
    Chidi says:

    Gees. Although i had the honor of hearing some of these songs while you were creating the EP. I keep waiting for the day when those awards start flooding your hands dear. Dont forget little pips like US. You rock

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