Robin Thicke raps now?! Wtf?

Yes you heard it right yall! Mr. Panty Droppin Super Soulful Robin Thicke rapping! You got to hear it to believe it lol. It’s honestly not even rapping to me because he’s on that Juvenille type crap where he say’s “In the Phantom” after every damn sentence with no actual rhyming what so ever. “No hoe’s in the Phantom, So Ho in the Phantom.” lmao! I can’t even be mad at him for trying something new but rapping shouldn’t have been it and The Game needs the s$%t slapped out of him for even letting Robin have the 3rd verse to rap on at 2:22 on the track if you want to speed past The Game’s mediocre lyrics.

This track actually sounds decent as far as the beat which I hear is not even by Dr. Dre but by some cat named DJ Toomp instead. And the singing/ hook isn’t bad by Robin Thicke either. What kills me is that the whole song is about a luxury car that all ready has a million and one song’s written about it prior by a bunch of rapper’s that can’t even afford it. This is one reason on top of many others why I don’t listen to majority of the rap crap being put out right now.

[audio: the gamefeatrobinthicke-phantom.mp3]

-Black Milk

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