Sade blessing us with new release?

Update (2-10-2010): For all Sade news click here.


Good morning. This is has been on my mind. Last Friday Soulbounce broke news of a letter from Maxwell to his fans. In this letter he asks his fans to buy Prince’s upcoming three album set, that’s being released March 29th @ Target. Also he mentions to buy Sade’s upcoming album. Before this, there wasn’t a mention or even a whisper about a new album. Now for the info.

  • There have been reports that Sony Music has confirmed this upcoming album, but there hasn’t been any links provided.
  • On January 16th, Sade turned 50!!!!! I can’t even picture this woman with a single gray hair or wrinkle. She just exudes a timeless beauty.
  • It has been 25 years since her debut album, Smooth Operator. I was 12 when I fell in love with her music.
  • Sade’s last release was Lovers Rock in 2000. So it will be 9 years between albums.
  • Even though she hasn’t released an album recently, her band started a group called Sweetback, and has two albums out.

In the past 25 years, Sade has made such an impact on Soul & R&B music.  You couldn’t listen to a”Quite Storm” session on the radio without hearing at least one song from her.  When you were setting the mood, in the 80’s you knew any one of her albums would seal the deal.  Even one of Prince’s upcoming album is going after that Sade sound.  Prince said, “We got sick of waiting for Sade to make a new album,” adding, “This music is nasty, but it’s not dirty.”

Check back for more updates.  As soon as I hear it, I’ll post it up.  Thanks.

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  1. RW
    RW says:

    I am SO glad to hear that Sade is blessing us. I love almost all of her albums! When will it hit the street?

  2. Julius A.
    Julius A. says:

    Hey there, I also have been hearing that same information going around about Maxwell and Prince.
    I actually called out to London, ENGL, and there was no work, however, Last week I called the Sony Records in NYC, and spoke to a entertainment rep.
    I asked her, will Sade release an album in 2009, she says: Yeah but nothing is set in stone..I really tried probing this woman, but she said the information was confidential, so I thought what an odd response. We both started to chuckle.
    someting is up, and if you go to wikipedia and search on her name, there is also updated information, and that site always can’t be trusted.
    I will continue to call Sony Records and let you know of updates.
    Please e-mail me at my e-mail address, or join us on facebook for more discussions.
    Thanks in advance.
    Julius A.

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